Just signed up and starting tomorrow as doing a homeless soup run today

Hi very new here... Life broke for me in 2015 and after a Very tough year I'm trying to change my life for the better.....

So I want to get fitter and used to run approx 12 years ago and was made to stop...

Now I'm hoping at 50 I'm not to old to get back to it..... Just downloaded C25K and hoping that there will be support here as will also be hoping the outdoors blocks the thought process

I'm very anxious about getting the right trainers as now just have my wage so will fe looking for tips on where to get trainers from and for reasonable cost

Many thanks in advance for the support I hope to receive




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  • Hi Helen, you're very very welcome to the best and most supportive place on the Internet.

    There's nothing like running to restore your inner peace, as I'm sure you know if you used to be a runner in the past. 50 is no age. We have people on here who started their c25k journey in their 70s. It's just a matter of being sensible and not trying to do too much too soon. Take everything very slowly and make sure you take as many rest days as your body needs between runs. The programme suggests 3 runs a week but if you feel you need to take 2 or 3 days between runs then do. Better to take longer to complete a 'week' than to push hard and pick up an injury.

    As for trainers, if money really is a massive issue, then my tip to you is to go to a specialist running shop, get gait analysis and try on lots of pairs, even the ones that cost a fortune. Ask if the shop has any of last season's models in the back at reduced prices and if not, then say you'll have to save up. Then go home and try get your preferred shoe on line from a discounter. You will be able to get them much much cheaper than you can on the high street. Don't be tempted to buy a type of shoe you haven't tried on in a shop though; you'll be amazed how different different shoes feel. I wouldn't normally suggest this course of action as our running shops do a valuable service and we need them, however you sound like you could do with a break, so go for it.

    One more thing, check out the pinned posts on the right hand side of the screen for the NHS guides to how to run and stretch correctly. They are absolutely brilliant -packed with tips that will keep you running injury-free.

    Very best of luck, Helen. Keep posting your progress, questions, triumphs and inevitable bad runs- we're here to help :)

  • Many thanks, since my horrible year and nearly becoming homeless ... I do a soup run for the homeless and enjoy meeting the ladies and gents from the street .... How awesome they are.....

    I did my first wk1 day 1 yesterday in the rain felt refreshed, blocked out thoughts and felt glad I did it... Some lower leg pain ... So need to sort out proper trainers soon... Thank you for your support ... I truly appreciate it

  • Welcome. You'll be just fine. Laura on the podcast us brilliant and this forum is very supportive. We're here for you - let us know how it goes for you.

  • Did first day yesterday, really pleased, I'm glad it blocked out my thoughts... Just want to get there now .... Just want to focus on clearing my head and letting go of the past and running hopefully will help

    Thank you for your support

  • Running is great stress relief and really good for clearing the head, more than most exercises I've tried. Keep posting your progress, the first run is really the hardest.

  • Hello and welcome! Ancient mum has said it all as regards running shoes, but I wanted to wish you all the best. I have had problems with anxiety in the past and for me, running has been an absolute blessing, in helping me manage life stresses without also letting anxiety get the better of me! I am a much happier person for having running back in my life (I also am 50) , it has had a massive impact on my self-esteem as well as my overall health. For me, out on woodland trails is where I find my happy place🙂! Good luck with the programme and remember, take your time.

  • Thank you so much, I had someone hurt me really badly and needed to focus on distraction....

    Running outdoors is going to hopefully clear my soul and improve my self esteem as right now it can't go any lower

  • Welcome Helen!

    I started C25K in my normal clothes and with lightweight walking boots on my feet. I did make the decision that I wasn't going to run on roads/pavements, to protect my joints. That first day (4 years ago next week and in my 50th year) I was on a canal towpath. I did eventually get running shoes (I think I was about half way through the programme by that point) but I have to say that one pair that I had properly fitted were much worse than the walking boots in practice.

    I think if you have no alternative to doing quite a bit of your running on hard surfaces footwear may be more crucial to get appropriate footwear from the start - but we're always telling people to slow down and run gently anyway. You could try putting out a request on your local Freegle/Freecycle group - people often have shoes that didn't really work out for them.

    I also don't wear any special running clothes even now apart from firm control knickers to stop my tum wobbling uncomfortably (although there's less tum now!) and sports bra (I get mine when M&S have special offers) My leggings and long sleeved t shirts come from Sainsbury's when they have 25% off, and nice thick warm socks can be good this time of year. I do love buffs to stop me getting chilly round my neck and for my head (and as gloves at a pinch, although gloves are good this time of year)

    Enjoy your running, just use one earphone to keep yourself aware of your surroundings (not just safety but birdsong) and we'll be here to cheer you on. It is such a tremendously restorative thing to do.

  • Yes I'm using an old pair of trainers right now and any leisure clothes... But as I'm on the road and cycle paths at moment need to try to get shoes

    Did first day yesterday and was so proud... I'm 100% commited to this and want to do this for me... Plus it clears the thoughts /demons from my head ... He not breaking me any more

  • Hi there Helen. I am your age and just graduated in January. I am sure you can do it. Looking forward to following your running journey :)

  • Many thanks, been a long day today

    Start c25k tomo... Can't wait

  • I've started now

  • I did week 1 and week 2 months ago ... Then had more head work/mind games etc and nearly gave up on life.... It's been hard work

    But I did wk3 run 1 yesterday and I did run 2 today as doing a 14 hour shift tomo so can't run

    Please can someone advise I seem to plod along with no leg ache etc but my breathing is terrible does that get easier

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