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I know there are loads of posts on knee pain but I thought I would post again 😃. I have just recently got into running and I am really enjoying it. I have completed W3D1 but have now got pain in both knees but especially my left knee.

I have given myself a 2 week break to rest my knees and the pain is slowly going. My question is do you think it's worth going to physio about this? And should I have gait analysis done to get proper running shoes?

I have heard different opinions on gait analysis so I'm not sure if it's worth it or not. I really want to start running again but I don't want the pain in my knees coming back.

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Possibly, you may need more cushioning in your shoes, are they recent or old shoes?

Hope you get it sorted soon and are back out there..😊


Hi Davelinks

They are fairly new but not very cushioned. I have high arches so I'm going to look at new ones.

Thanks for sending me those links. They were very helpful.


I have suffered from knee pain - in both knees - both coming from damaged meniscus (cartilage) according to the NHS physio whom I was referred to. I was given exercises to do to build up my quads and other muscles. I did run or a while in a knee brace which I got from Sports Direct (other retailers are available).

The exercises helped, I still do some squats every day still, still get odd twinges in my knees but am still running. Don't know if the knee brace helped, but it stopped me twisting the knee and was a psychological aid IYKWIM.

As for gait analysis, I am of two minds about it but since it isn't offered in Northern Ireland that doesn't affect me. I did use the self-test to determine if you pronate - you can find the test here - and here

Take care of your knees - they have carried you a long way and have a long way to go if you treat them right


Squats. Always be squatting.


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