Need knee help!

Just completed week 2! Woo hoo!!

Anyway, could tell one of my knees was going to play up as it was feeling twinge-y when I was running up the stairs today. Got out this afternoon and both knees were hurting.

I'm only 22 so I don't/shouldn't have bad knees! I used to dance a lot when I was younger so could have had some impact... just seems odd that it's only just come on.

Has anyone had a similar pain (not muscle related, can only liken it to a 'growing pains' type ache but under the knee cap) and could recommend what to do? Different stretches? I really don't want this to become a problem especially for week 3!


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7 Replies

  • Sounds familiar. For me, the stretches recommended on this site worked well. I did them five times a day at first.

  • If you keep having trouble would be worth going to sports therapist or a physio

  • You are on Week 2...this is really to be expected...:)

    Our bodies do protest, in all manner of ways when this new running journey begins... knees, ankles, shoulders, thighs, necks and even arms:) Many, many of us, if you check other posts have had these problems... :)

    The legs are taking a massive impact. and if we are unused to it, it can be really achy! Warming up well is essential. running with cold muscles is not good. Stretching after our runs is really important too and there are exercises for rest days to help also...

    We do, many of us, tend to thump pour feet down when starting, ( regardless of age), so, using my favourite expression... try to kiss the ground with your feet as you run. Start slow and stay slow. land lightly and just relax into the run :)

    This is probably normal aches and pains.. you will soon realise if it is real pain... then, if it is constant, or persistent, always get it checked out properly..pain should never be masked with painkillers or run through!

    Keep us posted and well done on your run too!

  • I felt this the first time I tried to run... got shin pain and everything. This time around I don't run on the street only on a treadmill and with a slight incline.

    If you are running out and about I was told to run on grass rather than the streets... I am lucky as I live near football pitches and fields of a reasonable size. X

  • I had exactly the same thing in week 2. I was told to RICE - rest, ice pack, compress and elevate. I bought a stretchy knee support from sports shop to hold my knee ligaments in place when running and after a week when all twinges and pains stopped I started running again and it been fine (just starting week 5). I do try and avoid running on concrete if possible!

  • Under the knee cap it probably not your joints but more likely tendons, namely your patellar tendon. Inflamation of this (tendinitis) is called jumper's knee, so Oldfloss's kissing the ground and avoiding thumping sounds good.

    MICE rather than RICE i.e keep your knee mobile while elevating - gently and add stretches.

    Although unlikely, if it is tender on the bony bump at the top of the shin (tibial tuberosity) then get it seen to incase it is an apophysitis (Osgood-Schlatter's disease). However this is more common with footballers and cyclists and usually while you are still growing, so you are a bit old (sorry!). I only mention in case it doesn't settle with the above advice.

    You will get numerous aches and pains but they do settle down, just look after yourself and make sure you have your rest days.

    Good luck with future runs :)

  • It's quite normal to get aches and pains like this at this early stage. Do some research for stretches for runners knee 👍 It's very likely just bruising to ligaments/tendons from the unaccustomed impact.

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