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What are People's Plans post Graduation


I'm starting week 8 tonight & use Runkeeper to log my runs, the furthest distance I've done (inc the walking) is 2.5 miles, so just over half a mile for total 5k distance.

I really pushed myself for the last 5 mins of week 7, run 3 & have probably been holding back a bit.

I want to work on distance & speed from now one - esp as I've stupidly committed to next year's Great Manchester Run! Any tips for doing this, not looking forward to running without Laura :(

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Hi Jaelie,

Well done on getting to week 8, you haven't got long to go now till graduation!

If you have committed to a much longer race (not sure how long the Great Manchester Run is; 10 miles? Half Marathon?) then you will certainly want to continue upping your weekly mileage, but slowly, slowly. We are (patiently!) waiting for Laura to release the next step up podcasts (10k) but if you can't wait that long, search for Andystev on the member directory, he has put some Bridge to 10K podcasts on file there. After that there are a hundred or so ten mile programmes available (timings only, not any podcasts that I have found). I used the BUPA 10 mile challenge; there are beginner and intermediate programmes on there which got me through a half marathon (just!)

Good luck!!



I pottered around repeated w9 a few times then went on to B210K

Plus a re-ran Wk2 as a fast/slow run. I am quite enjoying B210K but have found it hard and a bit odd walking after 10 minutes, it really breaks my rhythm. I am hoping to start wk2 tomorrow (visit to the vet permitting). I guess its like going back to intervals on Wk6 after W5R3 20 minute magic. The music is good assuming you like indie stuff but Sam just talks over the already loud music so I have missed a few time signals and now run with an eye on my garmin. I think I will switch to Laura as soon as the new plan comes out.

I am not sure that I want to run 10km on a regular basis so I think my future plans once I have completed B210km is one 10km run, one speed run and a park run as a minimum. I will also join a running club once I can I have finished B210k so have lots of options.

I think the key is not to rest on your laurels and keep finding new challenges.


This is interesting to know. I am due to graduate on Sunday and I am wondering what to do next. At the moment I am short of the 5k a bit so I think I may work up to that first. I have a park run planned for September, but apart from that........ I do run with a friend though so we are talking and planning what the next step is. Now I can run, I definitely don't want to stop that's for sure!!


After graduating and managing to run 5 k I did my first park run and loved it. I then decided to increase my next run by the recommended10 %. Park run on a Saturday is my faster run. Last night I managed 7.5k at approx 6.20 per k so Thurs I will run 6k at 6 min per k then Sat I will do the park run again at 5.45 min per k. It's important to run your longer runs slower to allow your body to adapt. Personally I have chosen not to enter the walk run programme as I dont think it's right for me.

I guess alot depends on why you are running, mines to hold off old age, 48 in Sept and tone the wobbly bits as I don't need to lose weight and this method is working for me


Hi Jaelie,

My plan is to run home from work twice a week (even at my pace I reckon it is the quickest way home with built in exercise!) and it has the advantage of being just over 5k, hopefully this will fit in with the new podcasts. Also plan to build up the distance on a longer run at the weekend – might even try a parkrun and/or other 5k events (not sure about going to 10k yet).

I have found the structure of the C25K programme really helpful and kept me going so I will definitely need some sort of plan to keep me motivated.


You're so lucky to be able to run home from work! Later on you will be able to run to work too and this will make 10k for the day :)


I'd love to be able to run home too...much nicer than tube, train and bus! Just love public transport!!!


I run on a treadmill and didn't quite know where to go following graduation. My boredom threshold is fairly low on the treadmill, but I know for longevity that I needed to find something to keep my focus.

I found lolo burn app (on the iPhone) which is treadmill based interval training. It sets you goals in the same way that C25K did, but builds up stamina. It has me going from 3.5mph up to 8mph for intervals. I'm still at 30min workouts at the moment, but it goes up to 45 mins or longer. I'm enjoying the real boost to my heartrate and hope this will help with cardio training and weighloss moving forward. It's not for everyone and I didn't initially want to move away from the slow plod that was my 5k run, but I'm really enjoying the change of pace and what's really good for me, is that the app changes the music to the pace that you are running at which means the music is really motivational. Sounds like a big plug, but I think running should be about finding what works for you longterm and this really works for me.


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