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Week 2 - Looking Good!

I started week 2 on Monday and completed run 1 quite proudly. It was a late one though (8pm) I normally go straight after I get in from work as if i sit down then I will never get back up but we had stuff to sort out.

The run wasn't too bad actually, I ran with my fitbit and took notes on my heartrate. I had an average of 143bpm, I know its not super accurate but it gives me a general idea. I found that each run my heart rate is becoming more steady. At one point in the run it did top out at 183bpm but I think I was skipping over puddles and avoiding mud at the time which meant I worked that little bit harder.

Its crazy, the run was over before I knew it and I wanted to do more as I was lovely and warm! I celebrated with a hot shower and a early night :D.

Run 2 is today!

Does anyone have the problem where your muscles are fine but your cardiovascular cant keep up? My heart and lungs top out and eventually I cant push any longer and I have to give in. I haven't experienced it this year but last year I think I ran a bit too fast and I couldn't finish the run.

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Hmm that happens when you are trying to run too quick. We do stress here that slowly is the way to do the programme. It allows you the luxury of time. It's all about finishing!!!! Nothing else. So, go good and steady and you will get round without conking out with exhaustion

Don't faff with stats at this point. They are just going to distract you from what you're doing. You only have to finish each session. You can worry about stats once you've graduated


I'm just catching up with the forum and you've possibly been out since this posting but I also found this as a problem. For me I'm sure miss w is right because I was only able to run at one pace and it was always too fast for the programme. I suppose my only previous experience of running was for the bus when I was young so I had to learn how to slow down. I'm sure if you slow down even slightly then you'll feel the benefit.

By the way those puddles clean your trainers no need to avoid them. Just a thought!


The Fitbit is only there as curiosity (I like data but I am not using it to adjust my programme). It doesn't really play a serious part in what am doing at the minute but I always have it on.. so why not look at it :) I do have to admit that while I am following the programme, the Fitbit has given me data to suggest that I am improving if only in minor differences. Which is always nice to see.

In terms of the heart rate and how I am feeling... I have been strict on myself and kept in mind finishing is the main goal. I go out with my partner who is now an unfit marathon runner so his natural pace is a lot quicker than mine. This is a harder challenge as naturally and subconsciously I am trying to keep up with him and stay at his pace. I have to try and listen to my body to keep at my pace instead of tiring myself out.

Yesterday I didn't go for a run, by the time I got home from work (I was on the back on a motorbike) I was stone cold and aching, my knee's were swollen and my hands and feet where stinging. I was grinding to a Holt. It wasn't pleasant, to warm up quickly I jumped in the shower despite the heating on full blast.

Today is the day though. I got the bus in the morning so I shouldn't feel as frozen and should be able to actually move :)

Wish me luck!


Yes, you are *supposed* to go nice and slow whilst doing C25K. This allows your muscles and cardiovascular system to keep up with the demands you're placing on your body and it reduces your risk of injury. If your lungs are screaming at you to stop then you're definitely going too fast!

Personally I don't bother with BPM but I do love my stats... right through C25K I was putting my route into mapmyrun. That was until I got Lime Green Laura (Garmin Forerunner 10) and now I can see my stats on the move. It definitely gives you something to obsess over!

But seriously, focus on just completing C25K for now, at a nice slow comfortable speed!


I have a feeling I have given the impression that because I have "other goals" and I am curious about stats and other people's experience that I am trying to over do it and quickly complete the programme, risking injury and my health.

This is certainly not the case. I learnt my lesson last year on Week 1 Run 2 when I ran up a bridge which took every ounce of energy from me.

I have took it a lot easier this year and I am making it through every run, without pain and without injury or feeling completely exhausted.

My reason was, last year when I was running a bit too hard (I am not now!) I found that it wasn't my muscles which were giving out and fatiguing but it was my cardiovascular system topping out. I wondered if people had similar issues when they first started. It sparked my curiosity that it wasn't that fact my legs couldn't handle the exercise but my cardiovascular couldn't actually keep up with the demand of my legs. Learning about your own body and how it works is always fun!

Just an update. Week 2 is complete! Run on Thursday and Sunday went well.

Starting Week 3 on Tuesday. This cold wild is brutal on your face!


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