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Life after Laura, week III/IV


How is going? After taking last week off because I was worried about my left knee hurting when I walked downstairs, went out today and ran with a knee brace on it. Was fine (yay! Such a relief). Still doing 35, 30, 35 this week since I've had a break and am keeping a vigilant eye on the knees. Won't know till I try going downstairs tomorrow though whether I was right to run today or not. Fingers crossed it is ok, have been missing my runs.

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Keep taking care of those knees! It's not worth the rush really is it?

boptillyoudrop49Graduate in reply to Old_trout

No! Last thing you want as a runner is ongoing knee trouble. When I feel the knees are completely back to normal, I'll post up what I did but still experimenting on myself for now. They do seem ok today though so hopefully all is well.

Old_troutGraduate in reply to boptillyoudrop49

Careful! Don't get carried away!!

boptillyoudrop49Graduate in reply to Old_trout

I am being very careful, don't worry. Any pain in the knees and I will stop again. Friend of mine had to have knee surgery twice and is still in constant pain, I definitely do not want to get to that

point. The exercuses I do cause no pain at all to the knee but do seem to help. Can't risk squats or lunches though, they would definitely hurt.

I have started taking glùcosamine just in case but you need to take jt for a couple of months before you see any result apparently. I have a feeling it wasn't the running that caused the problem but a high intensity fitness course I do which includes jogging on the spot at one point. I have often felt stiff as a board the day after that course and it is one of my running days so perhaps I hurt my knee at the course and running exacerbated it. I've been reading up a lot on it. My pain was in the kneecap itself and worst when going downstairs so pretty typical for runner's knee. Hopefully it will clear up. I am being very careful.

I wasn't going to post about these until I was sure my knee was back to normal since I wouldn't like to recommend something without being sure of it but if anyone is reading this and has knee pain, I have been doing these exercises every day at least once. They cause me NO PAIN at all in the knee because they work the muscles around it. Don't do any exercises if they cause knee pain. They seem to be helping me. Go on youtube andlook up "runner's knee stretches". The poster is "theschoolpsych", sorry can't link from my ipad. I have another good exercises which you should only do when you have no pain in the knee at all which involves sitting on the edge of a chair, standing up, stopping half way, hold for 5 secs. Sit down again, stopping twice, holding each time for 5 secs. Do it 10 times and build up to 30. I have no medical/therapeutal background but would advise against running with knee pain. You cannot run through this pain as you can through muscle pain. If your knee hurts, don't run on it.


So pleased you're back and feeling ok, fingers crossed it will hold out and behave itself!

Not so good this week; set out for a 30 minute on Monday but failed miserably as had to stop going up a hill that I've done quite a few times and after that it was game over. Did 26 minutes but some was walking so I threw in the towel and came home knowing my heart wasn't in it because of what was happening at home this week

Thursday my hubby dragged me out as after having our beloved boxer put to sleep because of cancer on Wednesday, we were both emotionally shattered but needed to get out of a now very empty house. With him beside me we managed just over 5k which I never in a million thought would be possible and although the tears poured most of the way we both needed the distraction ... for the short time it lasted

Today should have been my third run but last night I came down with D&V (thank you January, you've been cruel beyond belief to us and many others it seems) so after a very dodgy night I am not venturing far from the bathroom today so think it will be a 2 run week for me. I had this week off work because of our darling boy's impending departure but I'm back on Monday so I'm hoping that the distraction of work will give me back some motivation and that this bug clears to pick myself up ...

So, all in all probably one of the more depressing posts of the forum but life has a habit of throwing things at you and I only hope that I can overcome all that's been going on to find some time for me to lose myself in this the way I probably need to now ... here's looking ahead x

I'm so sorry wez, :( I knew it was going to be very hard taking him to the vet. When you're good to them, dogs are so trusting. I am not surprised you've come down with something, all the worry and sadness will have knocked your immune system back. Take good care of yourself and let yourself get better. No rush to get back out there, it won't affect your running if you are away from it for a couple of weeks even. You know what is really lovely though is that you and your husband can run together now. It will be really nice having the running as a shared hobby from now on.

wez70Graduate in reply to boptillyoudrop49

Thank you ... yes, as far as letting Chester go is concerned, it happened at home, on the sofa with us both holding him and telling him we loved him ... worst day of our lives in all honesty but that's what loving your furry friends means.

Thankfully things have settled overnight so I'm going to brave it tomorrow and see how I go and yes, running with hubs has been something neither of us ever expected to be on the cards so whilst I'm not aspiring to his ridiculous distances, I'm sure it will be something we continue. Once again, here's to your knee behaving itself :-)

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