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Hi all,

This might seem like a stupid question but can anyone tell me what the programme consists of? I've never run before and underlying health problems give me zero confidence.

Is it a guided run where you listen to the podcast while running? And she instructs you as you go? if that's the case has anyone downloaded it onto a blackberry? I don't have an iPhone or iPod.

Thanks all. X

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Yes, you download the podcast and each run is guided by Laura who tells u when to walk and when to run. She gives you tips too, most of us started with little confidence but each week that grows as does fitness. Sorry,Minot sure about Blackberry

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Not a stupid question at all. Full details are given on NHS Livewell site where there is a lot of information about C25k and a full breakdown of the 9 weeks in detail

Basically it's a podcast you download to an mp3 player or an app to download to phone. I'm no expert on tech matters either. I used an mp3 player as I don't have a phone. Someone here will know if you can use a blackberry.

It is a 9 week programme with the idea that you start off from scratch at week 1 Run 1. You do 3 runs a week. The programme is progressive and you gradually build up through the weeks from walk/run/walk for literally seconds at a time to running for 20 minutes solid by run 3 on week 9. Laura does the voice over and tells you exactly what to do the whole time. There is music as well to help you and Laura will count out a beat for you. As long as you go slowly you'll be fine.

Many hundreds of thousands of folks have already done it successfully, so you're in good company. Many of us had never run the length of ourselves before. Many are not 100% fit and have issues with illness or weight etc, but have done it. It's a great programme and a lot of fun.


If you can listen to an mp3 file on your device then you will be able to listen to the podcasts.


Here's a link to the NHS Couch to 5k site - you can download the podcasts for each week from there. There's also a load of useful and encouraging articles and case studies to read.


Failing that, you might be able to download the RunDouble C25K app. I don't get on with 'motivational' chatter; much prefer someone simply telling me when to run and when to walk.


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