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Finished week 4!!!!

Hi everyone! Hope your first week back at work hasn't been too bad- it's been crazy weather for me (I Iive in Aberdeen and we've had floods and a week of wind and rain!) but I managed my 3rd run of week 4 last night! Ran on Monday and Wednesday in wind and rain for the first time and it wasn't as bad as I thought. Last night it was still and cold and dry so really enjoyed the run. The only problem is I've had a bad stitch the last 2 runs, I've managed to keep going but it's a bit worrying so any advice about preventing them or dealing with them when they happen would be much appreciated!!!

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Sken well done on completing week 4.

Regarding a stitch make sure you do t eat anything more than a banana 2hrs before your run and make sure you are hydrated. Other than that all you can do is run through it, if you start walking it may come back again so I find it best to just keep going, they don't last long


Laura mentions stitches in one of the early runs and from memory she says to slow down and breath deeply.


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