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Yipee! Finished week 3


Yes I am pleased with myself! Got up early to feed sleepy cats and then torn so badly between getting back into the still warm, cosy bed with said cats, or getting dressed and going out. Hmm. Managed to get dressed and then looked outside to lashing rain and howling wind. Oh I can't go, what a shame. Then thought no, you can and you shall! Soaked to the skin within minutes and imagining my poor face all pink and raw from the rain. Glasses completely useless, but I did it! The first 90 second run was murder and I thought there is no way I can do three minutes, did it but not very well, second one was better. But I was so annoyed with my feeble attempt I did the whole thing again, and I guess I was warmed up by then as I did much better and was really pleased. Stayed out in the rain for 1 1/2 hours, you get to a point where you are so wet it doesn't really matter anymore and came home to a hot bath and a good book. Smug - yes, exhausted - yes but in a very warm and sleepy, contented way. I must be sick or something because I'm kind of looking forward to week 4 on Friday. I think it's the satisfaction of achieving the goal that you've set yourself. Three weeks ago I couldn't run for 60 seconds, today I ran overall (with walking in between) for 18 minutes. The support I have had on this site has totally inspired me and made me want to do better. Thanks everybody :)

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oh that sense of achievement is so addictive :)

well done on your week 3 run, twice :)

catteryGraduate in reply to shelleymcb

Thanks Shelley. I love reading how well other people are doing and how pleased they are with themselves. It's really heart warming. You have done amazing stuff, you must feel really good :)


Yes, Cattery - Dr Juicy can confirm you are definitely sick: you've got the running bug!!!

A fantastic WELL DONE on this heroic effort. I must admit I've wimped out of my scheduled run today as it looks so foul out - might head off to the gym later though.

Respect to you - and keep blogging! We all love to hear these heartwarming stories :-). Bet your kitties were pleased to see you back and kept you nice and warm with your book :-)


Thanks Juicy, I love reading your comments and you are so supportive of everyone. I'm completely inspired. I must admit I couldn't even imagine running for any length of time, but I'm starting to see that it might be possible. If I get through week 4 (be positive Carol) when I get through week 4, I have promised myself a running watch so I can see how far I'm going. Money is tight but I think it will help to motivate me, and I might even surprise myself!


As you did the run twice then that means your stamina is really building up and that's really good. It happens so slowly that you don't even notice it until suddenly you are running for longer than you are walking!

Well done and great achievement running in the rain!!! :)

catteryGraduate in reply to Minuette

Thanks Minuette, good thing about the rain, I had the golf course all to myself and could run around however I liked looking like a big soaked lump! I feel alive.


Wow, you ran it twice??? good grief woman, that's incredible! Well done, and I'm seriously impressed that you went out in that weather (particularly naff today). It just feels brilliant and yes you will start to run for serious lengths of time - when you do W5R3 its just the best feeling ever and it will come, in, ermm 2 weeks for you :-) (oh, and I'm so jealous of you and your watch - I would LOVE one :-))


Hi Amanda, you're very kind, I'm afraid my "running" is probably not deserving of such praise as I am still a bit slow, but I am definitely starting to move faster than I do when I walk so that's good! It always feels good to finish each session and I know I would be disappointed if I had to stop because I had tried to go too fast. Well done you as well, you must be getting pretty good now :)

Yay well done you! i gave up on my glasses today too! x


Well done you, I went out as well today 2nd run week 4, I too have got the running bug!! Never posted on here today, but you have inspired me to! lets keep going!


Wow. I'm impressed. Once and I could hardly lift my left leg! Onward though to week 4.

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