I'm back

So, having graduated and built myself up to regularly running 10k, suddenly, in August, some kind of switch flicked in my head and I stopped, proceeded to sit on my (ever expanding) backside for nearly 5 months and find myself starting all over. Hit the gym last night, then week 1 run 1 today. Lungs were fine but calves were screaming, I'm hoping just in protest to two sessions in a row after 5 months doing nothing. I cannot believe I have allowed myself to relapse (again!). Oh well, back to chatting with Laura.

Does anyone else find the soles of their feet rub a bit when they first get going (shoes were fitted last March so should be fine) I think my feet have just got soft from no work for months and are in shock!!!


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13 Replies

  • Good luck on starting up again, since you've done it before, you know what to expect !

    I don't find that my feet rub, so can't help with that. Have you lost weight since you bought them, do they still fit OK ?

  • Congrats on throwing yourself back into it!! I'm sure if you got to 10K runs last time (amazing), that you'll progress more quickly this time - and feel great for it.

  • Are you using running socks, which have the protective friction panels that prevent blisters?

  • Oooh, no, but I'll look in to those, thanks!

  • Hi same story as myself. I had reached the 10k. Went on holiday and have been sick with one thing after another. I started last week which was not the best idea as I had an airways lung infection and was taking antibiotics but I managed it ok. After all what is one minute of running. I cannot wait to get better to be able to get out there. Good luck and happy running.

  • Wondering if you are going too fast - your head hasn't forgotten how fast you used to go even if your calves have?

  • I was quite careful to keep my speed very steady, I honestly just think it was due to the gym session the day before. I'm currently shuffling about like a pregnant penguin!!!

  • My feet rub when I lace up the shoes after a break - I never seem to get the tension right. I always think they need to be looser than they do, does that make sense?

  • Very much so and I was actually thinking about that this morning. Possible my feet are moving around in the shoe as the laces are taught enough on the bit on the shoe....if you know what I mean!

  • That should say are not taught enough!

  • I do. I always need them to be a bit tighter than I think, and I seem to forget this when I haven't run for a few days.

    I had this over the summer, and I panicked and bought special socks, and sport tape and tried wearing socks inside out... And then I tried tightening up, and all the problems went away!

    Good luck!

  • As you've already alluded to, it's probably the gym session that's giving you calf pain.

    You will definitely get back up to 10K more quickly this time around. I wouldn't bother with the C25K programme. Just do shorter runs (3 times a week), say 2-3K and build up in 2-3K increments. Maybe give the gym a miss until your runs aren't causing any pain while running. (Even running 3 x 10K per week, I generally have some discomfort after the run.)

    Regarding your foot discomfort, maybe your trainers aren't tight enough. I always have mine as tight as possible when going for a run.

  • Week 1 run 2 yesterday, laces tighter, feet much better and calves fine after adjusting to the fact they WILL be working again! Onwards and upwards!!

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