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Running and the Menopause

Question for the XX among us: did anybody start running before their menopause hit? Did you find that when it happened it did a number on your energy levels to the extent that running became a bit of a pipe dream for a while? I've just been diagnosed at the grand old age of 39/40 (symptoms started / bloods confirmed) and it's getting me down a bit. The lack of energy to run, not the actual menopause itself: had my kids, don't want any more.

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I wasn't running at that point (I'm 57 now) but I can tell you that the peri-menopause time is a bit of a pain. I found my blood sugar levels swung about quite a bit (which can cause fatigue) so try to eat a low GI diet if you can and avoid processed sugary foods. I also found using a progesterone cream helped quite a lot once the symptoms really kicked in. You can buy a good one from the Wellsprings site. Basically, just treat yourself gently over the next few years; it's brilliant once you come out through the other side!! :-) xx


Well, because of pre-diabetes I'm already on a low-carb diet so blood sugars should be nicely catered for :)

Will get some lovely lovely HRT from my GP once second set of bloods confirms things.

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I am 52 and don't think anything is happening for me. Had some blood tests done earlier in the year and nothing. I am on a pill that means I get no periods so not sure how I would know or if I will avoid it altogether? Need to see a GP to ask some questions. Imagine, another baby at 52! I don't think that would ever happen, my youngest is 18 now! Feel very sorry for all those who have to battle through running sessions and who are going through the menopause. I still find it hard to get out of the door and three minutes into my run I want to stop and walk but it is psychological mind games really - just ran my furthest ever (10k) this morning and that is 13 weeks after graduation, so keep battling and plodding because the C25K programme has worked for this overweight, previously unfit 52 year old who never thought she could or would run! Julie x


I understand that the pill can mask the effects of the menopause so to really know for sure you'd need to come off it for at least six weeks and then have your tests for FSH and LH done.

That said, my withdrawal bleeds stopped while on the combined pill; this was my first clue that something was horribly amiss. (I know that the POP can suppress even withdrawal bleeding so wasn't too concerned at the age of 37.)


I'm 53 and had my last period in May. The year prior my periods were sporadic. I started running a year and a half ago and was energetic right after my runs, but sometimes very tired later in the day. This happened primarily from weeks 5 to 8. Since then I haven't had this problem. I think that my body was adjusting to the physical effort that it wasn't accustomed to.

I find that the running helped my menopausal symptoms. My mood is much better when I'm running and I sleep much better. I had a couple of breaks from running due to minor injuries and lack of motivation and noticed a huge difference in my overall sense of well-being. I haven't taken any medication for menopause but did notice as well that running seemed to eliminate most of my hot flashes.

Good luck with your running. There are some articles out there on running and menopause . You might try Runner's World magazine or Women's Running. They are both on-line.


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