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5k for Christmas?


Hi everyone, I was wondering whether I could get your opinions on whether you think it's possible to run/walk a 5k on Christmas Morning?

I graduated at the start of this year having got to around 4k in a half hour run. Then I was on the IC until June and found it so difficult to start again that I thought I would follow an Asics Plan. However, it was too much too soon for me and I was briefly on the IC again and decided to do what I should have been doing all along- listening to my body over a podcast, sorry Laura and my asics!

So last week I ran 2k with a 5min walk break then 1k. I had plenty left in the tank and thought I'd be able to do the 5k that has been out of my grasp for nearly a full year now. The next day I managed to trip over my foam roller, get my foot stuck in it while stumbling and now have quite a painful bruised ankle. Then I accidentally tripped over the raised door jambs we have- why did the landlord think they were a good idea? So that resulted in a staved pinkie toe. To top it all off, I have ingrowing toe nails and husband managed to kick into my foot in such a way that tried to put the nail back in its bed- Ouch!

So I've had a bit of bad luck and am hoping that if I am able to do a 2k with 5min walk then another 2k tomorrow, that I'll be able to run/walk a 5k on Friday. What do you reckon?

Obviously if I do manage the 5k on Christmas morning then I'll be paring back afterwards and into the New Year to make sure I'm strength training more as I know my core is weak and so are my hips, I think they are overly rotational. But that's another story :-)

Sorry it's such a long one, hope to hear some of your opinions :-) thanks and happy Christmas folks!

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I don't see why not. Make sure you get well warmed up before heading out for your warm up walk. I do some quick exercises in the house before going out. Jumping jacks and skaters, jump rope and some arm swings. If you run/walk, go at your own pace, you should be ok

Have fun! Lots of us here are running either Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day so you won't be on your own. There's a thread about it


Have a go! Such a run of bad luck must have exhausted itself by now! Take it gently, listen to your body and don't spoil your Christmas by expecting too much of yourself. We've all had a long journey getting to running for half an hour and there really aren't any shortcuts so make sure you enjoy what you do, and set yourself more demanding targets only gradually. You don't want to be disheartened, as Laura reminds us early on in the programme.

Happy running Christmas!

Go for it - just take it easy, listen to your body and enjoy it! Check out to see if your local parkrun has a Christmas Day run, if you fancy some company.


You need your graduate badge!

The key thing is that commitment to get out there on Christmas morning. If that's a realistic prospect and you make it happen, there's your win, and if you clock up 5k, all the better.

If you are needing the walk break rather than choosing to have it, that suggests that you are setting off too fast to sustain 5K, so getting your pace right is probably the key. Do you have something that will tell you at 5 and 10 minutes (eg Runkeeper) what your pace is in case it would be prudent to adjust.

My own experience has been that it is the salience of the route that makes most difference. When I've been going for a specific distance rather than route (ie 5k and 10k) I've done a linear run and run out so I am half the distance. One way or another I have to move myself back to the starting point so may as well run... which gets it done marginally quicker than walking.

I guess some attention to what happens on Christmas Eve might be prudent - what you eat or drink, how late you stay up wrapping etc.


Unlike the other respondents I would suggest forgetting the 5k target and just go for an easy run, going as far as you can comfortably manage. When coming back from injury it is foolhardy to push too hard. It sounds to me that you might need to build back up to 5k slowly again, otherwise you will likely put yourself back on the IC, especially as you are aware of your own weaknesses.

That run might become 5k, but it would be safer to arrive there as a gentle surprise rather than go all out for it and maybe end up disappointed.

Thank you all so much for your replies and feedback.

I definitely feel like the further I get in anything then I tend to push harder to breaking point- a life habit that running is slowly teaching me to overcome!

With the meds I'm on at the moment I definitely won't be drinking on Christmas Eve, so that won't be a problem this year unlike last!

I take the walking breaks purely to check in with my body and see how I'm feeling, as when I'm running I don't often feel pain until I start walking again, so it's kind of a way of trying to reign myself in if I'm getting too ahead of myself!

I love the idea of setting out just to have an enjoyable run on Christmas day, but I know now that I've read the responses here that I really want to achieve this, even if I only run 2k and walk the other 3.

My husband and wee westie will be joining me, and it's our first Christmas just the two of us, so I'm not bothered about timings or anything, though my tendency to load my garmin onto the PC between stretches might suggest otherwise!

I've not applied for my graduate badge again because I've not run 3x 30mins again since graduating last time. But hopefully soon I shall have the honour of the badge next to my name :-)

Thanks again for the replies- I'm off out for my test the water run and will see how that goes- fingers crossed! Happy running everyone :-)


Is there a parkrun near you? That might help.

If you are intending to do run/walk, then try doing 5 minute run/2 minute walk rather than the longer running intervals you mention. But listen to your body, and stop if things start to hurt.

Returning2RunGraduate in reply to rmnsuk

Thanks for your suggestion, but after my run today of 2k 5min walk and 2k, I think I'll be okay on Friday. And as I said in my post, I'm doing nothing but listening to my body as when I've not before I've landed on the IC.

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