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W6r3 Yes! YESSS!!!! Best run ever

After moaning on here about the first run this wwk, I so enjoyed today's run. It felt easy from start to finish and I had it in me to pick up speed for the final minute so I have definitely improved a huge amount from where I was in week 1. I also ran with a great big cheesy smile on my face and actually looked at people when I passed them. Usually I just look at the ground and try to get past unnoticed!

Funny thing was I had some hip action going on, like I had loose hips, is this supposed to happen, like when you're dancing or should I try to fix this?

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Brilliant! Go you..... Be proud of yourself and let those people stare!

Not sure on the hips...too much of a beginner myself... but I am sure some of the experienced folk on here will know more about it..! :)


Thanks floss. Really felt like I could be a runner today. Usually I feel like a fake, like someone acting it. I suppose that's the good run-bad run thing I keep reading about on here. When you have a bad one, you just have to think a good one will be round the corner

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You just wait until you graduate.. then you will believe you're the runner you 'think' you are at the moment! ...The feeling is amazing!

Rough and smooth... just hang on in there and you will make it :) x


As you approach week 7, I remember it well, got over confident and ran on to to a 5k. Immediately regretted it and got straight back to Laura's agenda so I didn't get injured! Great work though, keep going, graduation in the early New Year, how exciting!


Thanks Joolie


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