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Confession: I think about running all the time. I am still improving and have a long way to go before I'm satisfied with my progress, but I think about, read about, and talk about running more than I probably should. And I have no one to talk to that is really interested! I am very conscious of making sure I'm not annoying someone by talking about it when they can't relate... but it kills me sometimes to not have someone to go over every detail and question with! Anyone on the same page?

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Oh yes! Although I do have a few people to talk to about it, fortunately. Have to be sensitive when talking about my runs to my husband, as he has been on the ic for the last three months, poor thing. I guess that's why this forum is so great...we all understand here!


Absolutely!!! I bore my wife to death with details of my route, split times, technique, etc, etc... that's why I post on here so often!


im the same my wife thinks im obsessed with running but I say at least its a healthy hobby!!



You're fine here. Folks completely get it

Many here can't share running anecdotes and minutiae (sp?) with anyone except praps the dog. Cats forget it!

Dive in!


Well my 15 year old daughter used to join me last year......but not now, it can be a bit much for people to understand especially those who don't get any exercise at all out of choice.

So come on here and chat :).


Hilarious, had to check then that I hadn't written this post myself!!! Running is psychologically addictive for sure. Not enough people to talk to about it are there. On rest days, I plan the next run, read anything I can find about running too. Thankfully my husband cycles so I can bore him by describing my run!

Also obsessed with running kit, keep it in perfect condition - lovingly dry, remove mud, sponge and dry again my two trainers and store them next to my bed so I can see them gleaming ready for next time!

Keep obsessing, getting healthy is a very positive thing to focus on - find running pals on here who totally get it and if anyone posts a picture of new shoes on here, I love it! Fellow sufferer. Julie 😳


Fellow sufferer as well but am now feeling guilty about the state of my trainers. I do hose off my fell shoes if they're really muddy because apparently it can rot the stitching, but I don't think any of my running kit gleams apart from the reflective bits!


You have come to the right place - our house is even worse as most conversations with my husband, daughter, brothers and dad all revolve around running - It is an incurable virus!

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