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Hello 2016 week 6 - Feel free to join

Hello 2016 Quest week six

Hope everyone's week has been ok. I don't believe it here we are at the last week of another quest again. I will put up the post for our longest run on Friday and we will head off from Paris to Cordes-Sur-Ciel to visit our very own CurlyGurly2.

What the quest is:-

The quest takes six weeks. You can join any time within that six weeks.

The main aim of the quest is to help you find a focus or goal that you would like to achieve by the end of the Quest period.

I ask that you will be a graduate or about to graduate to join the quest. The main reason I ask this is that while you are doing the program your plan is very structured so I wouldn't want the quest to interfere with that.

Most popular goals are:-

To run three times a week

To slowly increase distance

To train for a specific race

To add In Stretch and strength exercises

As you can see they are personal to yourself and it's totally your own choice.

Every week I will pin a new post where all the members of the quest can talk about how things are going.

So if you wanted to join all you have to do is put

I would like to join the quest, or count me in and then I would like to. ..............

Your name will then be added to the top post and every week your name will be in the quest until the end.

At the end, only for those that would like to, we each put out longest run of the quest and it is then marked on a virtual run we are doing London to Paris
























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I haven't run for a week and I have a 10km on Sunday. (winter Run) I'm not ill it's just life got in the way. My other half had a temperature of 39.2 in the early part of last week and with his kidneys it was scary time, then There was six different long appointments for kidney donor. I have passed nearly all my medical stuff now. The only comment was please can you lose some belly fat. They are not bothered about my weight that's fine and they say i am very fit but I carry a bit of fat round the middle and it makes the operation easier if it's not there. So From This week I am on an extra push to get rid of it. I'm hoping to have a year or so to tone up and lose it but we won't know so it's best to get started on it.

So any thoughts on how to get my Ab duvet down will be greatly relieved.

Happy running to all.


Just try and eat less bread, pasta and spuds for a bit. Get your carbs from leafy green veg instead. It's possible to do for a short while til you've got where you need to be. Cut down on the treats too. I do Jillian Michaels DVD's at home and they help shred your middle quite quickly, especially if combined with the healthy eating

I hope your other half is feeling a bit better by now!

I am still in training for an early March 10k and it's going fine so far. Doing Jillian M's exercises on my non-running days.

Good luck to my fellow questers, and indeed to you RFC. Have a good time when you meet Curly. Give her my regards won't you x


Thank you. I think if I get my shoulder a bit stronger I might be able to try JM shred. Glad you training is going well. I've started an ultra sensible eating plan today so finger crossed I will see some benefits soon.


Amazing gift you giving husband rfc. You have a long journey ahead but I wish you both well. Bet you are so glad you started on this programme which has made you healthy enough to donate a kidney.


Thank you. Yes C25k is the gift that just keeps giving and giving.

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I am in complete awe, Rfc. You are an amazing person, to donate a kidney to your OH. My very best wishes to you both.


Thanks for putting this up again RFC xxx

Are you donating a kidney to your hubby ? , Wow, words just seem to be a bit inadequate to describe what a truly selfless, courageous thing youre doing , that is amazing !!!

Hope your hubby feels better soon , this must be such a tough time for you both . Big hugs ((( )))

I too have a problem with belly fat . Mine is a sugar belly, I eat far too much chocolate and sweet stuiff. I have periods where I knock it on the head but then find myself slowly creeping up again . Just do it Pug !!!

I am still on the IC . My gum infection is a lot better and I am having a infected tooth out on Thursday ( Eeek ! ) I have still a very tight outer muscle in my calf. I am foam rollering and I have an Ice bag so hopefully it wont be too much longer :-)

Get the kettle on Curly ! Ha ha :-D

Good Luck to all fellow questers and big hugs and soothing vibes to all those on the IC, another day closer to recovery xxx


I'm just so lucky that at 50 this year I'm healthy enough to be able to offer my kidney. If I hadent of found running I'm not sure how healthy I would of been. Best medical you could have. Sounds like you gums are giving you some hassle, I hope after the tooth comes out it will take a lot of the problems with it and you feel so much better.

I will send some happy thoughts for Thursday, I'm not a big fan of the dentist visit either.

Take care Rfc X.

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That's amazing RFC, what a fantastic gift for your hubby !

Thank you so much , Im hoping it will be a very quick extraction on Thursday :-) xxx


Ack, Pops, all the best for Thursday. I hope your appointment isn't at 2:30 :D

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Ha ha Chinese Dentist , the old ones are always the best Annie , Ha ha :-D

Thankyou Annie :-) xxx


What a strange ragbag this Quest is turning out to be for me.

So last week:

Not just 3 but 4 days of 10,000 steps, to my astonishment, and consecutive at that.

I did go swimming (still without my husband going - he is still probably on 'reasons' rather than 'excuses' but as I have said to him, if the plan isn't workable in practice, the plan has to be changed) I am not even close to getting the distance I was aiming for though. This time the conditions were just perfect but I was very slow for some reason and I didn't feel as though I had enough time to do the full kilometre so decided to stop at three-quarters.

In terms of revisiting old haunts for running I continue to do well although one 'run' was really not a run and I just didn't shape myself for it at all...still wearing dress and fleece, my whole backpack still on and starting the run at the bottom of a very steep and slippy gradient. It was very quickly a walk and stayed that way.

And the weight... well, a big hmmmm in terms of results on the scales but in line with last week's review I've been recording what I'm eating. RFC I think I am poised to get the tape measure out again as although my weight hasn't gone up it does feel as though it has slipped to round my middle. I would have hoped that the surgical team would have given you some guidance on how to achieve what they've asked you to do (you would have thought you might get some liposuction out of the deal!)


Well done on your 4 days of 10,000. I think sometimes you help yourself by cutting things short if you really don't feel like it like the swim as The times I haven't then next day I've got a horrible cold or something similar. I find I know in advance when my body really isn't up to it.

Liposuction. Hehe that would be good. One of the nurses suggested 5:2 but I don't think thats for me as I was prone to under eating years back.


Hi, I would like to join the quest.I aim to do 3 sessions a week..getting back into things...and build up to 2 minutes plank... Good luck everyone...


Great welcome onboard I have added your name


Not the best running week for me. I did a 10k run-walk last Monday and haven't been out since, either running or to the gym. Things are stressful at the moment with work piling up and started a night class so I know runs will help. I just need to make the time. I'm looking forward to increasing daylight so that I can fit everything in.


Sometimes you just have to draw a line under a week. That's what I did last week. It would of been so easy to start this week stressed about it but life happens and I'm in this for the long haul. Here is to his week being better for both of us.


You're right as always RFC. It is the long haul, and not every week can go swimmingly. To a better next week for both of us!


Pops see where your sweet tooth landed you! The dreaded dentist's chair. Step away from the choccy bics! You know it makes sense. If you feel the sugar urge, go and brush your teeth. I know it's boring but you soon start to crave it less. Honest. Same with wine, it's all sugar!

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Very wise words Miss W ! I packed the fags in so I can pack the sweets in I am sure :-) xxx


1 x running club last wed and 1x run home from school this morning both as planned. Frid morning was meant to be long run but didn't go quite as planned. Friend and I agreed on trail/ hill run up Arthur Seat and decided to go off road and just take take left or right paths and see where they took us. First 30 mins no problem - some hard but short bits, lots of stops to look at views( and catch breath! ) Then on way down came across some bits that turned into more rock climbing - or rather sitting on the bum and stretching down - than running. Rather challenging to say the least. That led onto sort of steps which involved going down sideways. Had great time but first time a run has involved so many lunges, stretches and engaging of glutes.


Wow that's sounds like some sort of extreme Challange well done for getting down to the bottom, I bet it felt great at the end to known you had done it.


1/2 way down I didn't think I could do it and thought about turning but friend didn't think she could climb back so had no option but to keep going rfc. But you're right felt well chuffed with what I had done. Amazing what running has given us the confidence to attempt.


Hello *slinks back into Quest* I didn't manage any running last week, but would like to report that the week before I did some running tourism by the river Po, and although I ate and drank far too much wonderful Italian food and the best coffee ever, I also clocked up a couple of days of 20,000 steps, so that will have helped.

Unfortunately, since Christmas, I have put on 9 lbs. I'm suffering from CBA syndrome when it comes to swimming, running and eating sensibly. I did manage a run yesterday, but it was very hard work - and I'm not surprised, hauling around all that extra weight :( So as someone has sensibly suggested up above, I will draw a line under last week and start again this week.

Happy running to all, and a swift recovery to all those on the IC x


Hehe we will pretend we didn't notice 😃. I know what you mean I got through Xmas with 1lb weight gain and then in the last three weeks a whopping 6 lbs have gone on. I really feel it and it makes me feel sluggish. But new day new start. One thing I like about running, as long as you don't leave it too long you can pick it up again easily. Happy running.


I did a diet called "Women's fat loss, it was full of good stuff and easy to stick to, I lost about 6 KG in two weeks, it really worked for me. You can find the book on Amazon, about £3. You are amazing to do that for your man.

Good start to the week for me, 14 KM total on Sunday although I walked the first 3 KM while Minnie struggled to get a fix. Great run! I'm going to concentrate on longer runs, it seems to take me about 6 KM to get into my stride. I'm planning on doing PR this week too, with Madge, Cambridge PR's birthday, fancy dress!


Thank you. I will look into the book, 14km that is a great distance well done. I have two distances in getting into my stride 3km I relax a bit and then again at 7km I relax a bit more. I never would of thought while I was struggling to get to 5km that my sweet spot would be after 7km. If I do a 14km the easiest part of the run is between 7 & 14. Weird. It is what told me I am made for distance not speed. Happy running.

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2.30! Ha ha. The old one's are the best. LOL

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What a truly wonderful person you are rfc - that will surely be the best present for your husband ever. Good luck and best wishes to both of you.

No runs last week just as expected.

Step counts made up for it though - 5847(spent most of the day traveling), 17296, 22850, 22820, 25202, 16045 and 13131. Not a bad haul!!!

Work on Wednesday and Thursday was the London Health Show. Managed to sneak in the back of both a HulaFit and a Zumba Class on Thursday. Quite enjoyed Hula, but not sure about Zumba - don't have a sense of rhythm. Not helped by the fact that most of the girls were 20 something dancers ;)

Well done all and look forward to meeting you on Sunday rfc xx


Thank you. I am really looking forard to Sunday now, getting closer. I will put a post up on bridge to 10 with the meeting places.

Wow that is some step count. I can't hula to save my life I just look like I've had an electric shock.

See you soon. RFCx.


Ab duvet! Too funny, RFC! Good luck this weekend, you'll be fine!

My week was ok, though running in snow and ice has lost its charm. I did manage three runs (6.5k, 5, 7k) and one 2.5k walk, but no strength. The last run had to be done on the streets because there was too much ice in the park, and I really felt it in my knees and thighs afterward. I have crosstrain trail shoes and they are fine for a quick run to and from trail, but not really great otherwise.

This week my kids have already been sick for two days, and look to be sick for another at least. Though I managed a run today, I'll be satisfied with only one more.

I set a goal to meet 100k of my yearly goal before buying a gps watch, and this week I made it halfway there!


Hehe I'm convinced myself there is a six pack under it. I hope I'm not disappointed when I lose the duvet 😃. I think you really good for trying to run when there is ice, I'm just a big baby over a little bit of ice. Hope your kids are feeling better, it's a busy time when you have flu in the house. Take care. Rfc X.


I have been managing a slight hip flexor strain so didn't run much last week, just a short interval run last Wednesday and another today.


That doesn't sound like much fun. I hope it eases up soon. Treat yourself with tlc.


Three runs this last week. Surprised myself last Monday by running at 10.30 min mile for almost 2 out of my 3 mile run. Very speedy for me. The next run was with my running group, we did just short of 7k and some of that was pretty speedy too. Final run was 10k on Sunday. That wasn't speedy, but I enjoyed it. Also did two yoga sessions and several long walks.

RfC...That's a very selfless thing to do. Hope everything goes as well as it can. No hints about losing the tummy fat, I've held on to mine for over 45 years - since I was about 13. Possible factors include : 🍰🍺🍷🍪🍕🧀.


Thank you. Hopefully I won't be needed for a while but it's one way to help keep myself On the healthy lifestyle path. Love your emoticons.😃.

Sounds like a great running week and a balanced training one. I need to do more off those. Happy running.


Well, not such a good week. After 14k the previous Sunday and feeling pretty invincible, I did a 30 minutes gentle lunch time run on the Tuesday and then felt a cold coming on the next day. Away for work overnight on Wed and went for a brisk 20 mins burst at 6.15 on the Thursday morning with a colleague who is much faster than me (but he was good at slowing down :-) ). Later that day the cold really hit me and I had sneezes and blocked nose for several days, so instead of my long run on Sunday which was meant to have been 16 or 17k, I just went for a slowish half hour and felt pretty feeble. Have been taking it easy since then and just walked to work yesterday morning (which takes me an hour). Hoping to get out again properly at lunch time tomorrow though as final prep for Sunday's winter run!


Late writing my update this week, but last week was a good running week. Bought new shoes on Monday, so decided to be a bit cautious distance-wise at first. Tuesday and Saturday I did 5ks and Thursday a 3k.

The first couple of runs I got a bit of a "rub" on the inside of my arch. But Saturday I changed the way i do laces and although the patch was a bit sensitive from being rubbed before, it definately helped.

happy running all.


Not such a good week this week- second week off with injury- but finally a pain free day today so I'm hoping some gentle runs will be due next week :) Two yoga classes and a couple of home yoga sessions to try and compensate, but I baked a large batch of brownies today.. and probably plan to eat most of them.. :/ Haha when I was running I felt guilt free and now I'm definitely making up for the lack of running by comfort eating!

Ah well, next week- new month, new quest, new running start, eh?

Also- you are amazing donating a kidney, that is admirable. Good luck with it all and all the best wishes with it! You can lose the belly ;)


Managed the runs...not great but did it....


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