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My Running Week

Hi all, here is my short and sweet version of my week. Monday: 10k in 1:01:44 seconds a pb!!! Wednesday: Intervals, still don't like them at all but they seem to be working. Saturday a nice 5k in 29:00 and not pushing at all so I thought that is a good time without lots of effort. Hope you all have a great week and stay injury free and keep on running!

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Well done! That sounds like a great week! I ran 5k on sunday in 38:30, (just under a min over pb) and then ran 4.2k in half an hour on tuesday (pb) and ran 4.35k in 30 min interval run on friday (also pb!)

Here's to just as good a week next week.. maybe even breaking my pb for 5k tomorrow? currently it's 37:43.. the aim is under 36 mins eventually!


Great Job Beatrice!!


I love reading how your time is improving each week Mat! Well done again. Fab times there.

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