Couch to 5K

Love these cooler nights, managed 6.5k!

Wow what a difference it makes!

I've been struggling with my runs since my 2 week shin splint rest. I've only been managing 2.5 miles with 2 or 3 breathers in between so I've been a bit disheartened recently. However I've just come back from a great run.

I gave myself a stern talking to, to make sure a kept my pace slow, and although I still had to stop once to catch my breath at around 1.5 miles, when it beeped to tell me I'd done 3 miles, I actually felt good! My breathing was under control for the first time ever (honest!) and didn't even have to push myself to take me to the next mile. I actually felt like I could've gone on further but I really really really didn't want to flare up the shin splint again so I stopped. But I felt so so proud of myself!

It took me 47 mins however so I'm not breaking any records but I have to give in to either pace or distance, I can't do both!

As well as the cooler weather, I'd also tried listening to an audio book instead of music (The Cuckoo's Calling) and I'm sure concentrating on the story stopped me from thinking too much about my breathing so I'll be doing that from now on!

Feeling a bit more confident about the Bupa Great North 5k now which is on Sat! Actually a little excited! And I'm hoping I get to high five Mo Farah at the start!

Happy running everyone!

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Well done on doing 6.5k, I can't do more than 5k at the moment, I think it's a mental barrier really. Good luck for your GNR :)


Thank you! Definitely a mental barrier! Once I got past that I felt I could go on.

You'll get there, this time last week I felt I wasn't progressing at all but this running lark amazes us sometimes! Good luck!


Wow Jefna that is fantastic and you have every right to feel proud of yourself, well done! I look forward to a time when I could just continue to run after the 5k mark - by the time I hear the 5k has been reached I usually just want to crawl home :-0


Ah thank you!

I was exactly like that! I always have been with my runs but when I got to 5k I felt ok for the first time and went for it!

You'll build up soon! Good luck


Thanks to your encouraging post, I sat out for my run this afternoon determined to break my mental I can not run after 5K barrier only to manage 6.5K in 52' not an earth shattering time or anything but it's done :D


Ah that's excellent!! Well done you!

It's such a great feeling to get past the barrier isn't it!



It sure is :D


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