Photos from yesterday's Great run 10k, digital download cost £26.99 :(

If you read my post yesterday my dad interloped and ran with me between 5.5-6.5k as he'd come along to support me. We happened to run past the official race photographers which I was mega excited about having a nice pic of both my dad and me running as it's not something likely to happen again (if we did ever run in the same race he'd not be running at my pace but would be much further up the field to his credit!) The pics have just been posted and whilst really nice it's £19.99 for one on digital download or £26.99 for all the ones I was tagged in (10 total, half quite good) steep or what :( bye bye money!

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  • That is a bit on the steep side! £19.99 for one photo?! That's ludicrous. If you're going to buy one you may as well buy the lot, but of course, that's the idea I think!

  • I knew it'd cost, just didn't realise more than I'd paid to enter the race! Must start saving for the GNR in case they are back, I'll get my begging bucket out ;)

  • When I did a trackday on the motorbike at Cadwell Park last year, the photographer was charging £35.00 for a disc of all the photos he took of me or £6.00 for each digital download. There were about 40 photos too, so I thought the price was wholly reasonable for the disc. What the race photographer is charging is a bit steep!

  • That does seem very steep! I thought you'd have posted it for us all to see :)

  • Haven't bought them yet, will use my works PC tomorrow rather than my iPad then burn them straight to disk, then put another copy on the computer, back that up and then put them on a memory stick to be stored at a different location to the laptop ;) I can post the nice one of my dad and I tomorrow if your all really interested, get my money's worth!

  • Of course we are :)

  • Photos purchased and will post tonight :) I now have them on a pc, memory stick, disc and about to do a pc back up too!

  • Course we're interested! :-) Post away!

  • Photos purchased and will post tonight :) I now have them on a pc, memory stick, disc and about to do a pc back up too!

  • I forgot to warn you about this 'Bupa Great North anything' are notorious for raking it in with the photos. About half of mine are okay (hilarious one where I appear to be levitating but mostly I'm knackered and it shows), it's hard to say no though isn't it especially given it's you and your dad.

  • If it hadn't been a one of me and my dad I wouldn't have bothered, purchased them and will post the pic tonight :)

  • Oh no!!

    That is really mean, as notbad says, you have no choice but to buy them, but that price is hugely inflated, far far more than it can be costing them. Boo to that. I'd be tempted to write to the organizers, or (more effective) tweet them something uncomplimentary and see how they respond...

    Not really the treatment you should receive as such a running champ :( If you do buy them please do post them here so we can all admire your efforts.

    Well done, Emily :)

  • Bit the bullet, they are bought and saved in multiple places! Will post the one of my dad and I tonight :)

  • At the opposite end of the £££ spectrum, my super-duper fast running colleague ("Newbury Park Run time To Beat: 21 minutes") found my picture on Park run Newbury's Facebook page and was kind enough (????) to send it to me.

    And then said - if I was able to smile and do 'thumbs up' then I was not trying hard enough.

  • Oh well in which case I didn't run hard enough either as I'm smiling ;) Loving the fact he found you a free one though!

  • Suggest you hang fire in buying the photo for a while. I'm still getting e-mails from Bupa 10k in London back in May about my photos. Just got another one offering 3 download pictures for £19.99! A huge price drop. Am pretty tempted......

  • Nice tip but I couldn't wait so I've bitten the bullet and bought!

  • I did the Great North 5K last year, it was my first race and my C25K journey has been via the scenic route. I'd have loved one of the photo's but simply couldn't afford or justify it. I have no problems with charging for them but that really is rip-off prices. Silly thing is they'd sell more if they made them affordable to all

  • £10 for one for £15 the lot would have been better, I agree they need to charge but more than it cost to enter the race is ludicrous! If it hadn't of been one of my Dad and I, I wouldn't have bought, but I have so i'll post it tonight, may as well get my money's worth now!

  • That is very steep, and can only be justified if, a) the photpgrapher has to pay megga-bucks to be there or, b) the cost of the pics helps subsidise the race cost (and I bet it doesn't).

    We would LOVE to see a pic or two, but make sure you are not infringing copyright!! I'm not joking, as there may be restrictions as to what you can do with them. I'm a professional photographer ~ I know!

  • Hi Sally, fortunately I know all about copyright infringement and these came with no conditions attached that i was alerted to (I got stopped in Asda after printing a pic from a professional photographer of the fiancé and I from a company doo, we had full download and printing rights but I had no letter as proof, I had to email the company later and ask for such confirmation so I could print, they informed me Asda had been getting strict after being fined for being lax!) :)

  • Good to know that you are aware and that ASDA are hot. It all started when wedding photographes supplied an album and the couples started scanning and printing copies for relatives. All seemingly harmless, except that is how the photographers make their living. Not what I do, as I do landscape, natural history and environmental 'stuff'. and some photojournalism.

  • When looking for a wedding photographer I looked for one that sold you all your images copyright free so you could print what you want (and relatives can get theirs via the website) the price seemed high even though they all charge the same but when I added up their time, cost of equipment etc the price doesn't seem to bad and can't be too profitable considering.....mind you I can see why people are tempted.

  • Weddings are funny ones...people think a photographer just comes along, takes the pics and produced the album/CD/DVD - an afternoons work.

    It takes the whole following week to get it right.

    Don't get me wrong, it can be VERY profitable, and some charge an obscene amount of money, but not little-old-me.

    Landscpaes don't move, and they do as they are asked!

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