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My Running Week

It's that time again where you subject yourself to my inane post of the week! So Monday's run went quite well, completed 10k in 1 hr and 5 minutes. Hadn't necessarily set out for the full 10k but got to 7.5 and then knew my run home would be about 2.5ks so was extremely happy with that. Time was good as well so all in all a successful run. Wednesdays intervals were as normal for intervals hard! This morning run which is just a 5k went pretty well with a PB time of 28.30. I wasn't even trying to go for a PB it just happened.

I reckon, surprisingly, I am getting the hang of this running lark!

I still need my new running shoes, and MrsMat30 is still refusing to even let me see them now, apparently it's out of sight out of mind. The enormous blisters I have from my old shoes (well ok not enormous as such, in fact although I do have a blister lets just say it doesn't cover my entire foot, well not even the whole of my toe) and not even a hint of sympathy. It's shocking! (JK)

Until next week stay injury free and keep on running!

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That's brilliant Mat. Really well done on both counts but just think what you could do in new shoes! And no fall this week! Hurrah!


Thanks IrishPrincess and for the reminder that I fell over. Its going to be one of those things that just keeps rearing its ugly head isn't it? ;-)


I promise not to mention it again.........

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Well done Mat !

Sub 29 5k is fantastic , the stuff dreams are made of :-)

Wait till you get your new shoes , you will be unstoppable ! :-) xxx

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