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Back after a month off with a bad knee!

Hi all, I've just restarted C25K after a month off with a poorly knee. I've gone back to week 2 (only got to week 3 before) and I've achieved two runs with no problem, fingers, toes and eyes crossed! I'm planning to take it all really slowly this time as I got a bit over-enthusiastic before, hence the injury. Good news is that I've lost 1st 11 lbs so far (on the Slimming World diet) and the weight is still falling so hopefully there will be less and less pressure on my joints as I progress through the programme. :-)

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Welcome back Pinguette! You're doing the right thing and taking it very slowly. There is no hurry and your body will appreciate it. And really well done on the weight loss too. That's brilliant.

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Thanks, Irishprincess! :-)


Good for you to make sure you had plently of rest after hurting your knee. I have just had to take about 5 weeks off with the same problem and it has been very frustrating. I agree with you just take it slowly, don't worry if you have to repeat weeks, also don't worry if you leave more than one day between runs. If I was tired I found 2-3 days rest helped, and I made it through the whole programme without injury - like you I then got over enthusiastic - hence the knee!


It is so hard not to push things when you see improvement in your stamina. I end up chomping at the bit on rest days but i am determined to be sensible this time! :-)


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