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Lesson for the smug

I've read so many posts from runners who have had a bad day. Up to today I could be slightly smug, having had no really difficult runs in my rather limited experience. I should have known that missing the parkrun today, because of the rain and strong winds, showed a lack of spirit that would have to be paid for. So when the sun came out at lunchtime I went for a run to compensate, intending to cover about 5k. I puffed a lot, walked a little, and ran out of go after about 3k. I did start out at a rate which turned out to be 30 sec/km less slow than I am used to but that doesn't excuse the poor performance. This a week after recording my admittedly unimpressive PB in the parkrun. Now I am away for nearly two weeks with no opportunity to put things right. Much work to be done when I return.

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Where is it you are going that has no surfaces to run on? International Space Station?


Plenty of surfaces in the US but shortage of the other requirements - time and opportunity. But I do see your point.


there's always time. You can do sprint intervals in hotel corridors in the worst case.


Starting out 30 secs faster than usual is indeed excuse for poor performance, and whatever is an unimpressive PB?

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Given that the most frequent 5k time noted on the forum is 30 min, this ancient's PB of 39 min 40 sec (the secs are important to me) is unlikely to impress. But it gets me under 40 min, which pleases me. Further progress depends on getting my go back and cutting down on the puffing. I my have to revert to Laura for help. You're absolutely right about starting too fast.


No, I wouldn't say that's the most frequent, it's what people aspire to. Some never get there. I'm still nowhere near even 15 months after graduating....A PB is always impressive, as it say on the tin it's a PERSONAL best, nothing to do with what others do. Well done, I'm impressed anyway.

If you want to run with Laura again, try the C25K + podcasts, they really work XXX


You're right of course. My PB makes me happier and wanting to do better, even if that better is a plodder's better.


You know, I did 5K in exactly the same time as you today (as part of a longer run) but I'm delighted! Keep plodding away, you'll get there!


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