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Week 7 done

Nothing to report here, just that it's done :). I just find that writing it down on here makes it all a bit more real. Although having said nothing to report, strangely, I found this last run of the week harder than the other three 25 minute sessions. My legs were fine but I could feel my face getting redder as the run went on. Still, completed it and getting excited now as only 6 more runs till graduation.

Sandra :)

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Well done!

Some runs are always less comfortable than others. I found it very hot running last night in spite of the fairly cool temperatures because it was so humid.

Stick with it and they'll carry on getting easier.

Good luck with W8!



Graduation for Sandra just around the corner, get a Parkrun in for a bit of a change.

Well done!


Hi Sandy. Pleased to see we still seem to be keeping pace with each other! I was also red faced and boiling hot by the end of it. First run of week 8 tomorrow. Then I have one more before heading off to Las Vegas, where I'm running my first 5k race next Saturday - help!! Exciting though, even if very anxious. Good luck with week 8.


Wow, graduating in vegas. Good place to party! 🎉🎉

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Yes, should be fun! Although I won't have technically done my week 9, so not sure it counts?!


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