Suffering with stich getting me down

I keep suffering with stich and it is really getting to me. I have tried everything, sticking out my tummy, eating and not eating before, same with drinking. I have changed what I eat etc but non of it makes a difference.

It gets so bad it has me doubled over and stops me running. Sometimes it starts at 30mins which isn't too bad because I'm near the end of the run but sometimes (like today) it came at 15 mins in and I had to stop. I walked for a bit till it passed then started running again. After 4mins it came back so I stopped again. After 2mins it came back so I gave up!

I never had this problem when I started out its only happened in the last month or two and I haven't changed anything. It is really getting me down when I want to run more than I am able :-(

Sorry for the moan. Does anyone else suffer like this?


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7 Replies

  • Have to admit I rarely suffer with stitch so can't offer a great deal of help..except....on my run last week a short while after starting, I felt the twinges. Now, I've been really struggling again recently with motivation and ability and when the stitch began it made me take stock of how I was running, and I realised that instead of running tall as is my normal form, I was running slouched because I was not enjoying what I was doing.

    I pulled myself up, thought about that invisible string from my lower back, through my shoulders and out of the top of my head and after a minute or two, stitch was gone and I was running easier.

    I'm not saying that it's the source of all problems and might just have been coincidence and won't work for anyone else but it might be worth a think about!

  • I've had my fair share of stitch, and like you tried the eating, not eating blah blah. I found that anxiety does not help, and the more fixated you get about it, it's almost as if you will it to happen. A bit like travel sickness. You dread it and get worked up over it.

    So, chill. Run with no plan at all and just relax into it. Try and run on the flat to see if that makes any difference, as hills do tend to jiggle your middle all over the place. Go slowly !

    Let your shoulders be relaxed and your hands. If you do feel yourself getting tired just let your arms fall by your side and run like that for a bit. Try and keep your shape! If you feel yourself slumping, do what Laura says and stretch up a bit as if you're peering over a tall hedge. Don't get disheartened because I think you can overcome it.

  • I am lucky enough not to struggle with stitches, but on the subject of posture, someone on here the other day recommended running with palms facing forwards as it forces you to keep your elbows in and shoulders open and lifted. And guess what - it works, even if it makes me feel a bit like Phoebe from friends!

    Hope you manage to overcome this.

  • Poor you. :( I've only had stitches a couple of times, and I think it was due to my breathing - apparently breathing should be "belly breathing" (where you concentrate on your diaphragm) rather than rapid, shallow chest breaths (if that makes sense).

  • I've had stitch a few times usually when I've run too soon after eating. The only thing that works for me is to breathe in and out deeply through my belly (rather than your chest) as if I am blowing up a balloon. Do this several times and the stitch should go. You might also be running too fast. Try slowing right down and breathing as above and see if that helps. Stretching the stitch side can also help.

  • Good advice given there..

  • Run tall - like a helium balloon is tied to your head - that's what I was told anyway?!

    Hope you find a solution soon

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