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Got to the 5K announcement on runkeeper for the first time yesterday !

Yesterday I was aiming for 4.75km (still working slowly up to 5K by increasing time, will worry about speed later), but messed up runkeeper so it included my warmup walk as well as my run. So for the first time ever I got a 5k distance check. (And as I was fuzzy about the distance of my warmup walk and assuming it was 0.5km I actually appear to have done 4.9). It was surprisingly exciting ! "Proper" 5k run will be next week ! (For those fretting about their times, I did 4.9km in 49 minutes. My "running" pace is only about 1mpk faster than my walking pace. But really, who cares ! For the statisticians among you I'm a woman in the latter years of my 40s, and carrying 3 or 4 more kg than I really should.)

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Sounds like you are enjoying yourself anyway. I'm not fast either but most times I go out I see some improvement, either with speed, distance or breathing. I recently graduated and sometimes I go and do 30 minutes, other times I will do 5k and it takes me just short of 45 minutes but I'm loving it so as you say who cares if we are slower than some. Yesterday I just decided to jog and walk when I felt like it and it was my quickest yet! So there's no telling is there! Enjoy your running and good luck with your "proper" run x

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Time isn't important ~ distance is, and that is what you are doing. OK, it's nice to go faster, but it's not important. I could sprint for 100m quite quickly (when I was young), but couldn't keep going. Now I'm older [and wiser?] I have slowed down and go for 5Ks etc instead. I don't care how long it takes because I am out there enjoying my running.

PS. A very short run this morning, but I was up at 5:30 walking the dog!! Anyone want a dog?


Get on with you. You love that dog. I read the Woof Woof post the other week.


OK, I do. But at midnight, 02:30 and 05:30 this morning I didn't. By 06:30 we were out running and she is now fast asleep at my side.

She was a bit taken aback by the Alpaca or Lama that has moved in down the road. Not sure which it is, so we settled on an Alama.

Just looked it up, and it was an Alpaca, but we think 'Alama' is a better name.

PS. I'm so nice that I left my wife and son fast asleep as I tended to Izzie's every need.


You are starting to sound too good to be true. I think "Alama" is right because it certainly seems to have alarmed young Izzie.


Too good to be true ~ would that be the chiseled features, the blue eyes and the six pack? Ahem, the bald head, the extra ponds and round face would be nearer the mark.

Izzie was a little startled, but let her self down this morning with a 2 mile walk eating as many sheep droppings as possible, and then 'weed' all over the back seat of the car!!

Off for a run later to calm down.


I chuckled from start to finish of that & I know I shouldn't have laughed out loud at the last bit but I did (displayed a certain lack of empathy then -sorry). I hope the run worked. I bet you've forgiven the little sweetheart already.


Of course she's forgiven. She has to sit in the back of the car after all!


I'm still no where near the magical 5k, but I might start to measure the warm up and cool down, that's got to be at least half a km .

And yes I walk just about as fast as I run, or is that run as fast as I walk!


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