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Tips on sunglasses that don't slip please

I am looking for some sunglasses, but don't necessarily want special running ones (or at least want running glasses that could be worn not running too without looking odd!). Mine always seem to slip, probably as I have a tendency to perch them on my head when not 'wearing' them. Would love any suggestions for glasses that stay put. Will be dropping hints for Christmas!!

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I had a pair of sunglasses from Decathlon that were designed for "hiking" and looked good, not like the proper "running" ones - you could even do a swirling dervish kind of thing and they did not fall off! After a few years of intensive usage they are still wearable but too scratched to see anything ... so recently got a pair of Oakley, not the running ones but they do not fall off at all - more expensive than decathlon but the lens is much better.



Thanks for feedback, I had Oakleys in the past and thought they may be an option.


slightly odd time of year for this problem. 90% of my running is done with a headtorch rather than sunglasses from not till March.

I do wear them in the sunnier months though, and having experimented with various types, the ones that work best for me are the RayBan-esque ones I am wearing in my profile pic, which I am pretty sure were given free at a Colur run. Odd as the may look I find they cause much less sweaty nose syndrome than the wraparound sports type.


Thanks. Yes, I too am usually running in the dark these days, but there is the occasional fantastic sunny autumn day like yesterday (where I was in Paris). I think I have some free yellow ones from a concert which look like yours - perhaps I'll give them a try!


or try temple hooks


a pain at first, but they work


Aha - good idea, I will try until I can decide on my next new pair. Thanks


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