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Virtual runs - advice?

I am still very nervous about running with other people, but I really want to do challenges. So, I thought it might mix it up a bit and keep the interest up over the long Aberdeenshire winter by trying virtual running. Bit of bling, bit of a challenge and doing a bit for charidee. It's all round win surely.

I've hunted around online and found various resources, but wondered what sites other folk rate in case I've missed something good. Also, do you have any hints and tips to get the most out of virtual running?

Incidentally, 10k is in the bag in an incredibly steady 1hr 16. Managed to do it yesterday. I flagged at 8k but fought through and found my second wind for the last 2k. Couldn't be more chuffed. My current ability sits at - 5k absolutely fine, 6k pretty fine, 7k fine, 8k kinda fine, 9k barely fine, 10k only just.

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I've entered two virtual runs. one was for a 10k and it seemed a bit of a cheat because it wasn't really a challenge. However the other is a number of km in a month, which will be more of a challenge. The minimum for the bling is 33k, but I've set my own target, a bit more challenging.

there are at least two virtual runner sites so you can choose between them.

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The poppy challenge!!! Bring it on!!!! Good luck! X


I can recommend who also have a facebook page

I like the fact that a percentage of the money often goes to smaller local charities where £1000+ makes a massive difference, as well as great bling which is sent within days of submitting your results.

I suppose my only tip would be to choose a charity you can relate to or which touches your heart so that you'll be determined to push yourself a little bit harder.


1:16 for 10k isn't shabby as a first time, Cory, so don't do yourself down. My first 10k was the same time (in early April). Five weeks ago I managed to squeeze under 60 inutes (59:25). With regular running your times will improve.

I don't know much about virtual runs as I've never done one and the idea doesn't really appeal.

Running with others was something I was uneasy about to start with, but I really enjoy it now. I started with Parkruns (I ran my 29th today), and have done two 10k races, a five mile and a half marathon since June. I also joined a running club recently, and am really enjoying running as part of a group.

Don't be put off - we often think we're not good enough to run with others, but that's rarely if ever really true. Have you thought about a Parkrun? You will find that you certainly won't be the slowest there, and the vibe is fantastic!


I love virtual running. It really inspires me to get out and go!! And to know you are helping great charities is wonderful. Go for it. Xx


I'm a lone runner too and have just done the VirtualRunner 10k Hollowe'en (nice luminous bling). I start the Poppy Challenge tomorrow with plans that exceed the required 33k.

As Steve says running with others can be good, you have to try it to see if it is for you. However virtual running ticks a lot of boxes - you get bling for training, you can do the challenges how best suit you and smaller charities benefit - what's not to like?


I love Virtual Runner UK ! You can do the race distance you want at a time that is convenient to suit you, on a route that you get to choose. I try to do one a month depending on the charity. If you know for instance that you can do 10k in about 1h16, you could enter a virtual race, wait until halfway through the race window and pick a person from the published results that has run at a similar time and try to beat their time. You will feel very self satisfied if you manage it... I'm doing the Poppy Challenge too, looking forward to going further than the 33k during the month !


Thanks for the ideas and encouragement folks. I can't enter the Poppy Challenge unfortunately as I think it's too late and there's no option on the site, but I will do the December runs. I'm quite excited now, and think virtual running will really spruce up my motivation levels.


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