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Woohoo goodbye week 3!

Finished week three today.

Running still feels un-fun. But i feel really happy once it's over, and the scales appear to be moving in a downward direction so that's cool

When I set off on my warm up walk I was striding ahead like a bee with a bum full of honey. Turns out I'd accidentally bumped my iPod so it was playing 1.5 times faster!! Good thing I figured that out before the run.....

Photo is my running partner, Maggie the Kelpie

2 Replies

Bum full of honey ! Ha ha ! :-)

Great job Banana, youre doing great, you really are !

Well done Maggie too, what a cutie ! :-) xxx


Ha ha, I changed the tune when I bent down to pick up my hankie today. It made me titter! It saves rummaging about in one's miniature tights pocket!

The scales can be a bit erratic at times but as long as you keep running and eating healthily the trend should be downwards.

Maggie will always be up for a run I'd guess, so you're in good company there. It gives you the extra imperative to get out there as Maggie needs to be out there.

Good luck with your next run. Go slowly and steadily and you'll be fine! Have fun!


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