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Wk 6 Run 2 - toughest so far

I didn't enjoy my run this morning, I found it really difficult which I wasn't expecting

I still managed it though, hopefully next will be better.

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You have done the hardest bit now, just rest and repeat all the way to graduation!! Julie

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It does get easier,(some of the time), Joolie is right though you are so close, keep on running!


Just keep going! We all have runs like that but the important thing is not to give up!


Don't worry, w6 is notorious for being the hardest week of the programme psychologically. It's the transition week between intervals and nonstop running and is designed to build your strength and stamina. After the euphoria of 20minutes running at the end of w5, it's mentally tough to get back into the swing of intervals, so it feels really hard. The good news is that the intervals are finished now and you're finally onto nonstop running. I'm sure you'll find w6r3 much more enjoyable! Good luck :)


I agree with AM above, W6 is a nightmare and it knocks most people off balance! That is the worst of it over, you will be grand, that is not to say you might have an off day, but generally speaking you will be fine - looking forward to seeing your shiny graduation badge! :)


Week six is a right ratbag, with gremlins galore. It'll get better and better now, no worries. Well done for sticking at it, and onwards and forwards, graduation is in site!


Week 6 is often the sticking point for a lot of us, I know I had to repeat the last run a couple of times.

Stick with it lovely and you'll be fine xx


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