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I can't believe I've actually done the C25K!! Graduated this morning (at 7am -lol!) Ive had an app which I've used and it's been great!

Now I've got 2 questions - how accurate is GPS in measuring distance? The app says I've ran 5.69k today but I've only done 5 mins more running than I did last time when it was 4.8k? I've done a different route too so I can't compare distance!! Aaarrgghh!!

The other question is what now? I'm thinking focus on doing 5k consistently! I still can't run more than 5 minutes without a short (20sec or so) walk. I've not got any extra time to run for longer which kind of puts 10k out of the question for now.

Anyway I'm off to celebrate with a bowl of porridge and a coffee!

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After graduation, I feel doing 5k X 3 times a week is still a mental and physical challenge. Once I feel confident, I will slowly increase running time and work towards 10k if I can. There are lots of interesting ways to do the 5k to keep it interesting and challenging, parkrun, exploring country tracks and even joining a running club. I think it will b good to let my legs settle down before a new challenge. Hoping repetition will allow a natural improvement in speed too but not making it a race! Well done! 😊

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Well done!!! I graduated a month ago and like JoolieB1 I'm sticking with the 5k at the moment. I did my first park run this weekend and loved it, so I'd definitely recommend that as a fun way to keep going and challenge yourself.


Well done!

5.69 km in 35 mins is 6.15 min/km (6 mins 10 sec per km)

4.8 km in 30 mins is 6.25 min/km (6 mins 15 sec per km)

so really the paces are quite comparable (& both pretty fast).

If you are needing to walk for sections then I would suggest slowing that pace down a little & seeing if you can get through the 30 mins without a walking break. Not that it matters terribly - it's still great exercise doing run/walk.

A good plan at this stage is simply to consolidate 3 x 30 mins per week for a few weeks. And if that's how much time you have, don't worry - that easily meets the recommended guidelines of 75 mins/week vigorous exercise. Once you can do 3 x 30mins regularly then you could work on increasing your pace by exchanging one of your steady runs for a interval run, where you run hard for a short time (say start with 1 min) and then jog gently for a recovery time (say start with 2 or 3 mins).

Great running - keep it up!



Great thanks!! I feel I should clarify the screenshot above doesn't include the 5 minute warm up/ cool down in the time but it does in the distance so I'm not that fast!! Haha!!


Thanks folks! Yes I'm thinking that continuing with the 5k a

Focussing on speed and stamina will be a good route to take. Cheers


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