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From defeat, through progress, to success!!


Thrilled for all sorts of reasons today! Started the Stamina one again, and it stopped raining which was a good omen. First time I did this one I could only manage 23 minutes at pace and snickered and chewed my moustaches Dick Dastardly style all the way home. Another go later got to 30 minutes and was excited about how far I travelled in that time, though I couldn't manage the final burst that Laura so cheerily introduced. But today! Today, not only did I finish the whole podcast at the right pace ( tiny steps tho!) I actually managed the circuit back to where I began running after the 5 minute warm up. Now that was a target I was not really expecting to reach today, I was really pleased....and surprised! More than that, the distance was 5k!! So according to my Fitbit I ran 5.04k in 35 minutes, not too shabby for me, and something to build on. That magic 5k has arrived!

I've signed up to run keeper again because I think its stats are more reliable than my Fitbit. Trouble is, it used to suck my phone battery dry in no time. Is it possible to listen to Laura and log my run together? And is it my phone being ancient or are there better ways to do this?

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Yeay... another Stamina convert!

No rain always good....

Brilliant run for you! :)


Well done on completing stamina :)


Just proves the old adage "if at first you don't succeed....."

Well done!


That's brilliant! That was my goal too, to get to 5K before the podcast finished! I've managed it once or twice!

I know what you mean about the phone, I had the same problem and sometimes RK would just switch off on a longer run, once I was doing a virtual 10 K where I had to show proof, most frustrating. I gave up in the end and got a Garmin, it's fantastic after struggling with RK

Old_troutGraduate in reply to Curlygurly2

Yeah I think I'm grown up enough got a garmin now! My Fitbit One isn't sophisticated enough you still need to take the phone with you I think.

Curlygurly2Graduate in reply to Old_trout

Yes, I always carry my phone in case of emergencies anyway, and now it can cope with playing music, the poor weak little thing just couldn't manage both...

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