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Week 6 Run 2 done xx

Yes week 6 run 2 done onto run 3 tomorrow , did run 2 yesterday was a little tough going as was very windy and have a ache down side of my foot. But ploughed on and didnt give up and got there with help from good old Laura ;-0

Have also lost another 2lb in 9 days so going in the right direction and feel a lot healthier for it all, determined to graduate and continue on this time xxx

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Good work!

Only 3 weeks to go and maybe time to start thinking how you will motivate yourself to keep running after graduation (esp if you've done the course before). Maybe find a race to enter - a 10k in the spring or summer perhaps? Or find a friend to run with, or a club to help be sure that you'll run when you plan to?

It's a whole lot easier to keep running once you have that fitness than it is to get it back once you lose it!

Well done - and keep it up!



Well done! I'm at the same stage and also starting to feel much stronger for it. Wk 6 Run 1 felt really manageable this morning .. breathing slowly/deeply while running is becoming more possible now, so lungs are evidently improving!!! :-) :-) Keep going!


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