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Still on w4

Well it took me a week to recover from first w4 run, then repeated it three days ago and plan to do it again later today. I always seem to need much longer recovery time than the programme allows, ie at least 2-3 days earlier on in programme but now 4-7 days!! I have no diagnosed physical health problems (on anti depressants though), eat and drink well, about 1stone overweight, so don't know why such long recovery time needed....

Oh well am determined to keep going even if it means one run a week :-/

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Don't worry Joo , if you need extra recovery days , take them . Listen to your body :-) xxx


Thanks ☺


If you eat healthily and keep running then your weight should shift. Just stick at it. As the weight comes off you will literally be lighter on your feet and should have an extra spring in your step. When we are overweight we feel so much more sluggish. Well, I know I do.

Nothing wrong with a couple of days recovery. If you need it then take it.

You're only on week 4 so don't worry too much about not progressing quick enough. There is no harm at all in taking your time. You're less likely to get injured for a start

Having said that, if you have no health issues you should be able to progress through the runs week by week as specified. Are you running nice and slowly?


Thank you. Yes am running very slowly, husband walks beside me!!


Graduating is getting closer with each run! Well done for ur perseverance - through the programme, I always thought I will never be able to do the next run but I did them, so keep going at ur own pace. I should have taken it slower with C25K because I think my basic fitness would have been a bit better. I rushed through each week mainly because I love a challenge but I think you are getting more out of the experience maybe by doing it your way.

Now I am graduated, love running more than ever and try to run 5K X 3 times a week. Only 3 months ago, I was struggling to run for a minute, so continue to believe in the programme and yourself too. Looking forward to updates.

Do you feel running is having a positive effect on your mood? I feel like a more confident person, although I do need extra rest, I feel more energetic and positive about each day and look forward to running so it gives me a sense of purpose! Julie 😊


Thank you. It's amazing how we have progressed when we remember how much we struggled at the beginning. I feel a sense of achievement after most runs and they definitely help with anxiety and mood

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It's your own journey/race & everyone does the programme at their own pace. You're listening to your body & that's an important skill to learn. You will get there, you're doing great, just do it your way & in your own time x


Thank you for the encouragement


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