Accuracy of my GPS

Okay, so I managed to smash my iphone and bought a TOM TOM runner instead to measure my pace and distance. However, I've now noticed that 1km suddenly seems a lot further than when I used my iphone and runtastic together. So, I'm not running like a cheetah around my neighbourhood but its actually taking my longer to run the so called 5k !! Anyone know which is the accurate one? I am yearning for my iPhone back... I'm losing the will to live here!


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9 Replies

  • Now running like a cheetah I meant to say!

  • Chances are your tom tom is far more accurate than your iphone. But why not check the distance on google maps to get a third opinion, so to speak?

  • I found the same thing when I got my Garmin after using Runkeeper on my phone for ages. Not so much that 1KM was further exactly, or at least that's how it seemed o me, but that it took me much longer to run it if you know what I mean. It's said that proper GPS watches are more accurate than phone apps - sorry! You'll soon see improvements though, I think the watches are far more motivating. Good luck xx

  • I had this issue a few weeks ago. is my recommendation - you can plot your actual run here and then you will know the distance. Click on the pedestrian icon and then right click on the map to add start points, via points and end points. I worked out a 2km lap to run around which gives me an idea of how far I am going per session. And of course parkrun is a measured and timed run too, so that will help me track my progress!

  • mm I think I might take the plunge and do a park run, its the only way I'll know how fast and how far I'm travelling. I'm completely confused now.. I've tried mapping my route ... and it's different to both runtastic and my tom tom so park run is the only thing left I think :)

  • Hi there. I also have an iPhone and use the "map my run" app. I recently ran a 5k that had distance markers set out for every segment. As soon as I reached those markers, my phone would chime in with the same distance. I think it's pretty accurate.

  • Generally a dedicated GPS device will be more accurate than a phone

  • I run with a Garmin watch and that always makes my local parkrun 4.8 kms. I also have a Sonysmartwatch 3. which I use with Ghostracer (That links with Strava) and that always measures the same route at 5.2 kms.... I'm assuming the route is measured at an exact 5 kms? Lots of the route is under trees - so that could be the problem.

  • The problem with GPS is that it can lose connectivity, and the places that are difficult would vary from device to device.

    I use WalkJogRun on my iPhone and the app includes a GPS tracker. On WJR's website I can plot a route to compare with the GPS . When I compare my mapped run with the GPS tracked one, I find WJR's distances are pretty accurate. But what the comparison is really telling me is that I didn't lose the GPS signal at any point in the run.

    The app makers estimate that their GPS is correct to within 1/10 of a mile over 10 miles. I do like to use GPS as it takes account of me deciding to change route, and also takes into account how much I've climbed/descended.

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