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GPS Trackers


Hi all

I'm wondering about trackers.... I'm no speed demon, but I would like to be able to accurately track my distance. I'm running with my daughter, and have discovered that my android phone (with strava / runkeeper) is recording about 0.5 km less than my daughter tracks with her iphone over the same route. I've recalibrated the compass, and checked the route on a map, so hers is correct. Essentially I've decided that my phone has a rubbish GSP chip (or whatever they have..).

So... can anyone recommend a GPS tracker? Maybe a (cheapish) Garmin?

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I have an Apple Watch but that won’t be any good for you with and Android phone. How close are you to an upgrade? Maybe worth getting a better phone. I can’t speak for Garmin personally but I know a lot of folk on here use them 😊

NetballKittyGraduate in reply to Dtay1978

no close enough to upgrade yet!!! :-)


Garmin watches are recommended with Strava.


A lot on here will say Garmin.

I would have got one myself, but it was way too huge on me.

Personally I find Strava is at least consistent, so I believe it when it tells me I was faster or slower.

I have a Fitbit Versa 2 which I like for all it's other features, but a km is rarely the same from one run to another, which is odd when you consider that they both use my phones GPS .

NetballKittyGraduate in reply to Jell6

I understand there might be inconsistencies, but i think it must be my phone's rubbish GPS. Fitbit tracks the worst, and Strava / Runkeeper much the same, but still 0.5km off on average.


My preference is a Fitbit charge 4 as I don’t like bulk on my wrist. It was a treat from me to me when I finished week 4.

It uploads activity directly to Strava if you want it to. Checked and it tracks the same as my iPhone gps.

NetballKittyGraduate in reply to Reggit

That's interesting. So I think you're saying that if you use Strava through tracking on your phone, that you get the same as if you have your Fitbit to directly sync to Strava? Does that still give you a map?

ReggitGraduate in reply to NetballKitty

Yep, the map is just as if you did it on your iPhone (in my case). There’s usually a few minutes lag in it uploading. And it has to sync through your phone when it’s on Wi-Fi/3G (I think)

NetballKittyGraduate in reply to Reggit

Thank you - that's very helpful.

The GPS on my phone sucks too. So I'll be treated to a polar watch when I complete the scheme. I'm choosing polar because it looks nicer imo.

But a garmin Forerunner 245 is quite a good watch for GPS.

NetballKittyGraduate in reply to f1madman

You'll get there soon, so look forward to that Polar treat. For me (as I have quite narrow wrists) I prefer the band type - I have a fitbit bracelet / band type atm, so thinking about the Garmin Vivosport. I think it tracks swimming (which I'm not great at either, and probs even worse after months out of the pool...!)

Hiya. I have Huawei pro 3. It's relatively inexpensive and tracks steps, calories,HR, and distance using my phone GPS, although you don't need to have phone with you. I find it useful.😁


Very happy with the Garmin 45s.

Not bulky at all infact the s stands for small which refers to the bezel size, it's actually slimmer than my every day Seiko Kinetic


I used to use amazfit bip (older model) as a standalone device (it all automatically syncs with strava once I was back home), which uses Sony chip. I've compared it with garmin, and accuracy and functionality is about the same, the latter getting a touch faster lock on the satellite. Both "wade" in the forest trail and built up areas, but difference in price is a noticeable difference. Garmin battery life is 5-9 days (from my experiments), while bip lasts ~month.

NetballKittyGraduate in reply to CherryCore

Thank you - something to look at - never heard of that before.

I have a Samsung Active 2 which I find fabulous. You can download strava or Map my Run onto it. It also has it's own workout on it which tracks everything including a map.


I use a Fitbit Charge 3, reasonable enough on eBay 👍

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