Struggling with treadmill

I've just bought a treadmill so that I can keep running through the winter. I've only done two runs so far but am finding it much harder on my legs than road running??? I had really bad pins and needles in my feet tonight about half way through my run which was a bit weird!! Any thoughts on what's going on? Will it just take time to adjust to it?


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11 Replies

  • I ran on a treadmill during my summer holiday to France as it was too hot outside and I found that I had to run slightly differently. Oh and it was mighty boring. But I'll admit the dark nights, and wintry weather would make me think again.

  • I was just going to post something very similar!!!! I'm really not enjoying it. I think the aches are coming from running more 'narrowly' in an attempt not to fall off and it is more mentally challenging as it is ssssoooo boring 😥

    Also, I'm literally dripping in sweat as it feels so hot.

    Sorry I've not got lots of advice but I can sympathise with how you feel.

  • I ran with a completely different stride when I tried the treadmill also I toe striked rather than my normal heel strike ! I hated it give me roads any day ! ;)

  • I find a treadmill tough. The stride length is off for me. I'm sure you'll adapt. If you're getting pins and needles could your shoes, laces or socks be too tight?

  • Was out today doing 5k run, I like the coolness now, but was thinking of coming inside on a treadmill for the depths of winter, think I'll try and stick it out on the outside!😁

  • I like the cooler weather for running. The humid spells we had this year were awful. My pace dropped like a stone - it wasn't that brilliant in the first place! Having said I prefer cooler weather for running I'm not a fan of winter and usually try and get a bit of winter sunshine. This year I'm off to Egypt for 10 days - leaving New Years Eve. There's a gym at the hotel so the treadmill option is there but the possible boredom/fear of falling off it/not being able to get into the swing of it are all concerns for me. I'm hoping to go outside either early morning or late afternoon when it's cooled down. Aside from feeding my running addiction, I love having the opportunity of running in different places and I'll be starting a training plan for an attempt at a half marathon later in 2016 and I want to try to keep to it while I'm away. Who would have thought I would be worrying about running plans for a holiday? Taking up running has been a real life changer.

  • Sharon, that'll be good, some winter sunshine. Maybe wear some of those elasticated protectors over the elbows & knees on the treadmill..

    On seconds thoughts maybe not wise, as they may get uncomfy when up to speed..

  • This worries me as I was planning on running on a treadmill at the gym during the winter! Maybe I should just wrap up and keep street running!

  • I was thinking of getting a treadmill at christmas so I could avoid the winter but your comment has really made me think again about it. Might invest some of the money in better runing clothes instead.

  • I'm using mine as I live in a village with no street lighting so unless I want to run on my own in the dark I won't be able to run 3 times a week. I've got to thank it for that ... but running outdoors is so much more pleasant ☺

  • Sorry for worrying all potential treadmill runners. Don't be put off. I ran 7km tonight with no pins and needles so think I just needed to get used to it.

    Running in the dark and alone is not sensible - even though my preference is to run outside, the treadmill is the next best thing.

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