Great Eastern Run (Peterborough HM)

Great Eastern Run (Peterborough HM)

Well, only 9 months and 4 days since Run 1 Week 1, and I finally did my first Half Marathon. I was running for BLESMA (The Limbless Veterans) Charity, Hold that thought :)

The day started well, the event was well organised and smoothly run. There was a good warm up with some very fit lady doing aerobics on the stage and everybody was encouraged to join in. I joined my starting time slot (2:30 - 2:45) and waited to set off. The route was a flat run around the streets and suburbs of Peterborough, and along with 5000 others we plodded along.

Something happened at 9 miles that I will never forget, one of the moments I will remember for the rest of my life with pride and a heavy dose of emotion. I was quite happily running along Hi-Fiving the kids and waving to the crowds cheering us on and I heard a rather loud voice shouting "Look BLESMA, Look (name mentioned) its BLESMA", I looked across and there was a young man (late 20's) wearing a regimental T- Shirt and a prothetic leg with a group of spectators, My heart sank as I wandered across and he held his hand out for a Hi-Five and simply said "Thank You, Thank You". He had tears rolling down his face and I could hardly control myself, I started too!!! Welling up now writing this.

Anyway managed to get round in 2:45 (garmin time) and raised £610 for BLESMA.

Only bad thing about the day was they only had size medium T Shirts, I haven't been size medium since Secondary School!!! However an email was sent earlier asking us to provide details and they will send the right size to us.

Great race and I recommend it for a first one, deffo doing next years.


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28 Replies

  • I am lost for words , what an amazing post !

    This made me well up too , My hubby is ex- service , we owe these brave people sooo much , what a fantastic cause ! They are all heroes ...

    Well done Millwalki , a fantastic achievement, you should be very very proud of yourself xxx

  • Thanks Pops, I will never forget that :)

    Just checked official time 2:45:59 :)

  • Yay ! Fab ! A sub 3 hours , fantastic !

    I am sure this will stay in your memory for a long , long time. You did so so well and at the same time raised a huge amount of money for such a great cause .

    You did magnificently , Many Congratulations you Superstar ! :-) xxx

  • Well done, great time and bling. Great cause too. The atmosphere is so great at some of these events.

  • What an emotional post, sweetie. Very well done on a superb time, running for a great cause. Pops is right, we owe our young service men and women so much.

  • Aw gawd - you've got me all emotional now too!!! What an inspirational moment to keep you going and remind you why you were running. To achieve a half marathon within a year of starting is just awesome. To raise all that money too is brilliant. Well done. Be very proud ☺

  • Also decided to stop shaving on holiday back in August, went to work with a bit of growth and somebody threw in how about growing a beard for the race? So I did, this morning I was Uncle Albert (however non of my ships ever sank) this afternoon it took longer to shave/hack it off than the race :)

  • Ha ha Uncle Albert " During the war ..... " :-)

    Does it feel better with or without ? :-) xxx

  • Deffo without :) It was getting rather bushy :(

  • Like Captain Blackbeard ha ha !

    Does Mrs Millwalki prefer you with or without ? :-) xxx

  • Without 😀

  • Ah there you go then, a very wise decision if I may say so ! :-) xxx

  • Just brilliant millwalki, I wouldn't have been able to stop the tears either, you did a great thing buddy. Well, I'm not going to be able to catch you at Cambourne am I? You were 3 mins in front of me this year, with all that training you'll be home with the kettle on before I finish!

    Good times!


  • Still a plodder Madge :)

  • Superb well done dam right emotional reading that too

  • Oh, what a lovely post, millwalki! I am welling up now reading it. That must have been such a special moment for you. What a fantastic achievement in 9 months, you must feel so proud. Such a good cause too👍.

  • Fabulous achievement and great effort, mate. Well done.

    You ran for a great cause and it's great that it was recognised en route.

  • Very well done!!

  • Fantastic. Hope you feel very proud. That was really a lovely post to read and well done raising money for a great charity. Shows how much it was appreciated :-)

  • V.emotional day for you, I am in awe of your being able to do a hm! From my lowly week 7 position that seems a long way off.

    A good days work.

  • I signed up to do the HM back in January after completing week 1 I loved the programme that much and I wanted something to keep me focused and motivated. I'm so glad I did as it's something I have always wanted to do. If it's something you want to aim for you will do it! Good luck and keep going. It's the best thing I have ever done for myself.

  • Fantastic achievement well done you. Such a worthy cause. I'm doing my first HM next Sunday and I'm doing it for a local charity Autism West Midlands. My son has Autism and my sister has made me a bracelet that says "for Ethan" I know it will be an emotional day.

  • Well done, a truly special, memorable and emotional moment? Such a great achievement. Welling up too.......!

  • What a beautiful post, very humbling. Fantastic job all round, be proud.

  • One of life's special moments xx Well done!

  • good stuff - did you get the "f**k, I just ran a bloody half marathon!" feeling too? ;)

  • I did indeed, found it hard walking to find the wife and kids, easier to run round the field :)

  • Lovely post and fantastic achievement. Well done!

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