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Interval timing, how do you time yours?

I have got back on the c25k horse and I joined a group. Being the weight I am I REALLY thought I would fail. I start week 5 tonight which is gobsmacking.

But...I am having huge phone issues with interval apps crashing and mis timing, are there other devices that can interval time as I am a bit bewildered looking on Amazon. TIA.

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Have you considered the c25k Podcasts?


I really am having issues with my phone and want to try something else but thank you.


I would agree with above - just to clarify the suggestion, you can download each Week as an mp3 file which can then be played by your phone's media player.

Have a look at the green-lined boxed near the top of this page.

They are the individual mp3s. Download each one as required.

Delete the apps you have, and use the mp3s instead.

Hope that works better for you



I did the C25K with a simple sports stopwatch.


Hi there! Well done getting to week 5 - I can empathise with being overweight but still wanting to get out there and give it a go. The C25K app didn't really work for me. Other lovely people on here recommended the podcasts as mentioned by Dunder and John above; I used them all the way through (and am now using the week 9 and stepping stones podcasts). Sorry if they don't work for you but it's at least worth a go. Just wait till Laura starts playing You and Julie... I loathed this song but now it's on my mind until other tunes kick in.... argh!!!

Good luck and let us know how you get on


Hahahaha :D You and Julie is the unofficial running anthem for c25k graduates everywhere, a bit like the Freemasons' handshake!

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I absolutely love that analogy :)

I can scarcely believe the depths of my hatred for that song pre-graduation. When it turned up in the warm up for week 9 I could have throttled someone... and now it starts playing in my head voluntarily and I chirp along with it- who would have thought it!!!


Definitely try the podcasts, they're much more reliable. Good luck :)


Thank you all so much but I am really after just something that beeps or vibrates that I can trust. My phone really isn't an option and the arm straps velcro keeps going so i end up carrying.


Well, in that case, get a cheapo Garmin, like the Forerunner10. It's Garmin's most basic model and it will give you your times, splits and you can programme in intervals. Check it out on the Garmin website but buy it elsewhere. It often appears on Amazon for around the £60 mark. Of course, for much less than £60 you could buy a nice MP3 player to play the podcasts on, or even a basic smartphone. You pays your money you takes your choice. Happy tech browsing :)


I bought an Ampro Sports timer off Amazon and I'm really pleased with it. You can set intervals into it and put in the number of repeats, so it's perfect for C25K. I don't like running with my phone (already smashed the glass once by dropping it!) but the Ampro is small and light so I just carry it or clip it on my clothes somewhere. :-)


Write the times on your hand in biro and use a watch :)


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