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Two types of breathing? What do you think

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Today was my interval training run up those hills I thought were impossible when I started this running lark. Today as I ran I was thinking about my breathing . I remember so clearly week 1 run 1. Absolutely gasping and couldn't make 60 secs. I am now 6 months post graduation - still running, but still feeling like a novice.

My eureka moments was on 5 th interval running up that dam hill, breathing heavily but not gasping. Could there be two types of breathing? . It's still hard work but nowhere near week one. Also at the beginning it was run for 60 secs and an hour to recover. Now it's run for an hour - 60 secs to recover.

I promise there has been no lung transplant, just effort.

So why write this. - well its just an observation. I just remember not posting in the beginning because I though I couldn't do this, today it dawned on me - yeah. I can run. I am not good, but not so bad for an old un .

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It would be interesting to see the stats of ages etc on this forum. Quite a few of us 50 somethings here. I know what you mean about not thinking it would be possible - I felt the same and just ran my first 10k today. Yippee!!! You're very brave going up those hills. I live in a very flat place, but enjoy an incline as I can take teeny steps and not fall over!

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JuliejamGraduate in reply to useitorloseit

Congratulations on your 10k -that's some achievement . It is surprising what our bodies will let us do and like you I am in my 50ies now. .

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Good for you! Your lung power does build up, albeit quite slowly but once you're there you notice it don't you. It's a revelation indeed. Makes you feel so good about yourself doesn't it, and proof positive that the programme works

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What does anyone (graduates) mean with interval running?

Do you plan a total distance, then allow yourself scheduled walking in between? So you can cover long distances? Example : 5k run, 1k walk, 5k run? Or do you decide on running as far as possible and walk whenever you feel tired?

Is it a system you use for long runs?

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agedsnailspaceGraduate in reply to nhs2015

Interval runs are normally planned burst of high intensity work interspersed with less intense work. Generally the intervals are short (run fast 1 min; slow jog 1 min) repeat x times...

The first couple of weeks of C25K are interval runs and lots of people turn back to these when they want to do intervals.

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Ouch, fast runs with intervals of slow jogging is scary. Graduates must be fit! I suppose I will get there one day.

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Most (ok, maybe some) graduates try to run one interval run (mine is 4k - see the speed pod cast plus 1k run on way home)

one 5k paced run (faster than the slow run but slower than the interval run) and one long slow run I run between 7/10 k slowly at about 150bpm bit difficult at the start of the run to run constantly slowly but at the end I'm not out of breath or panting as I would running a 5k. I really need to start doing hills but I do try to avoid them ;) .

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