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Couch to 5K
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Ct5k week 9 run 3

Re-graduated! Final run of 2nd ct5k programme. Should have done it on Saturday but the cold I had went to my sinuses. Felt a bit better today and went for it in the drizzle, I even sprinted for the last minute! Now the real work starts, maintaining the discipline of 3 runs a week. Ended previous graduation just before going on holiday and that was the start of my disorganised post ct5k stuttering out. No holiday until March so no excuses there. Hopefully my fat bits will continue to diminish and my speed improve over the 30 mins.

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Hi Jol

Well done! :-D

Hope you have many happy runs ahead. Have you thought of ways to keep going through winter?

I've been thinking one run gym, one with a beginners running group and one during the weekend when I can get out in daylight. We can do this! :-D


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