Couch to 5K

W6R2 - done😊

Next run 25 mins straight - EEEK!

I don't run very fast and I'm sure it's not very far either but I do keep going. I keep remembering that at the start I couldn't run the length of myself so I'm very proud of what I've done so far and that I have managed not to give up. People keep asking me if I enjoy running. Whilst I would never put enjoy and running in the same sentence - not yet anyway - I am always glad when I've been and always feel great afterwards. I am also beginning to understand that after the initial weeks it is definitely about mind training for me almost as much as the physical training. I don't know which is harder!

Can't wait to count myself among you "Graduates"😀.

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You're doing so well. The first couple of runs in week six can be toughies! It's all unbroken runs from now on, so you will settle into your stride. Keep it nice and slow and you will be fine.


Keeping going is a great thing to have! You did 20 minutes so just slow and steady and run a bit longer and you will do it. Once you can do 25 minutes, imagine, there is not much more to take you to graduation - wheee!!!!!!!! Keep us posted 😀 Julie

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I will! Thank you so much. I find this site so inspiring😊


Well done you, thats brilliant! Your graduation goal is in sight!!!


well done you. Those two week six runs are tough- now you can definitely do W6R3- trust the programme! Slow is good! and you say you have got the hang of slow ;)


slow and steady as others have said, get nice deep even breaths now there is no recovery walks, keep it up nearly there :)


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