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W6R2 Done - No more Interval running!

I have come this far thanks to all your support! I was very pleased with myself after completing my W6R2 because:

1. I was pacing my run well - not panting much!

2. I am able take a few swigs of my Gatorade while running - it is getting hotter by the day here

3. Feeling fairly comfortable after the run

Now for the part where I will need some support.

The pain in my left hip and shin have returned :( I don't feel any pain while running, but starts to pain more from the next morning. I applied ice on it immediately after the run yesterday, feel a little better. I hope this will improve for the next run.

This becomes more important now, since I will be doing only continuous runs from W6R3!

BTW, I will have an extra day's rest before W6R3 - a nice dinner with friends will keep me off the run tomorrow!!

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Hi CouchCarrot

I wanted to say well done! I did this run last night and until I read your post, it hadn't occurred to me that intervals are over now. Woo hoo! Who'd have thought it - at the beginning you can't wait for those lovely walking breaks; now we just want to keep on going!

Where are you as you mention it getting hotter? No chance of that here in freezing London!

I don't have any advice I'm afraid on the injury as never exercised enough to injure myself but I hope it gets better. I will be running R3 on Wednesday so look forward to hearing how your runs goes.



Hi Kel

Yes, who'd have thought?! I still remember how I was panting and hoping for a break when I ran 90 secs for the first time! I live in Bangalore - as close to the tropics as you can get. The temperatures are 36+ centigrade. It rained briefly in the past 2 days. But since it was brief, instead of cooling down, it increased the humidity! Will try and update regularly on my runs.


Oooh, Bangalore - I visited there last year and loved it! A nice place and lovely people :)


Not sure about the pain in your shin and hip, CouchCarrot - is it something you've had before? Are your shoes right, do you think? I don't want to sound negative, but perhaps you should rest it and see if it improves with a bit of rest? I think that as we go through the programme the demands on our bodies increase - I know I needed extra recovery time after some runs. I don't know how you're managing to run in the heat, though - I'd just melt :) All the best with your runs - let us know how it goes.


Annie, Thanks. I have taken an additional day's rest between W6R2 and R3. The hip is feeling much better - I hope I should be ok tomorrow. BTW, I am glad that you have a good impression about Bangalore. It does get crowded & polluted, but hey, the people and the weather (relatively speaking!) are nice..


Sorry been too busy to reply! Wow, Bangalore - very exotic.

Am very impressed at your running in that heat - I think I would die. I'm actually dreading when the Summer comes as I get hot enough running now in an English Winter!


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