It's here...... and that means it's near!

It's here...... and that means it's near!

In the post today :)

Ten days off, the Oxford Half. I went for a massage this morning after my run, to give my legs the best opportunity to be ready for it. That made me wince more than once as he probed all the key points and tight muscles, and stretched tendons.

Well, I've put a lot of miles away over the last couple of months, and after Parkrun on Saturday and perhaps a 10K run on Sunday, I'll be seriously tapering next week.


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  • Exciting! That sounds pretty serious going for a proper massage. You must know everything there is to know about your legs by now. Good luck staying on plan with the tapering. Have you worked out how to attach your number, loads of safety pins ready etc?

  • I've had to pin numbers to my shirt three times now, and I'm still really cack handed at it!

    BTW - I entered the Olympic Park 10K, organised by the Mo Farrah Foundation for the 13th December today, so I'll be running in your neck of the woods!

  • Tip 1: Look for "corsage magnets" on ebay (or your local florist) to hold your number on with. They make it a lot easier to reposition your number on your shirt and don't make holes in the fabric. Remember that you need 8 in total (4 pairs)

    Tip 2: Don't put your number on upside down - as I've managed in the past. It gives the marshals cricked necks ;)

  • Thanks for the advice, Adam!

  • Wow, maybe I should consider that too. With my slow progress, 10k by December might be a tad ambitious though. If I can make it on the day it would be good to meet up though :)

  • There's a 5k on the same day, a bit earlier than the 10k

  • I had a look. Bit put off by the cost, I guess that's standard for these things... I need to save money at the moment, but maybe next year I'll be in a better position. If it's free to turn up and watch I'll try to come along though, will msg you nearer the time :)

  • This is so exciting , I bet youre really looking forward to it ! Aw, its a brilliant feeling isn't it , nerves and excitement, and you just want to get out there and do it :-)

    The sports massages certainly hit the spot don't they ? I think the couch at my physio's has still got the teeth marks in it from mine ha ha :-)

    You've done some serious training for this Steve, and next Sunday it will all pay off. Then you've just got to start planning for your next one :-) xxx

  • I've got the bug, to be sure. There's another two races lined up after this one, in December and January, and there's another I'm tempted to in November!

    A few hours after that massage, my legs are feeling good. He did tell me that the day after a deep tissue massage it's not unusual to feel tired. He also said that current thinking is that runners shouldn't stretch before a run as there's an increased injury risk, and it doesn't really help anyway. Just stretch properly afterwards.

  • Sounds like you are more than ready!!

  • It's feeling very near. There are road closure notices up around the city already.

  • Oooh Steve it's getting really exciting now. You'll do brilliantly. I love your tags! It sounds like a three word story!

  • Ha ha Yes it does ! :-) xxx

  • So exciting. I have a 10km in Novemer and Hackney HM next year again with Vitality. They organise good events. You've done the hard work your ready for this. Don't let the taper wobbles get to you and if you find they are playing up come on here we will send them packing for you. Most of all have fun.

  • Heheh thanks, RFC.

  • Ten days isn't near, ten days is still ages away!

    I can feel a big difference in my legs just from having cut down my distances over the last week so with your super-duper Sports Massage, you should be in tip-top shape by the end of next week.

  • He warned me that my legs may feel tired the day after the massage, and boy, do they!

  • I can relate. I went through that particular torture during my first physio visit.

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