Arrrgh! Foot advice anyone?

I was so looking forward to graduating today, having finished week 9 run 2 on Monday, and had planned my first park run on Saturday. On Tuesday, though, I couldn't walk straight on my foot and shooting pains run down from the outside top whenever I try to run. Any ideas on what it could be and whether I should rest it or run through it? At 53 and a complete non-runner I've had my fair share of aches and pains throughout the programme (generally walking like John Wayne the following day) but have just pounded on through! I've got great , comfortable shoes from the local running shop so don't think it's the shoes or lack of support. Advice anyone?


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  • Rest, it won't be worth weeks or even months out if you do yourself more damage at this point. Give it a couple of days and if it feels ok walking then perhaps do some bouncy jumps on the spot a hop from foot to foot to see how it feels and test if it feels ok. Be prepared to stop on your next run if you notice it again. As someone who ran through pain and ended up on the IC for over 2 months, it's not worth the risk. The graduation run will still be there later this week or next. :)

  • The pain could be referring from your lower leg, suggesting a muscle injury so rest up for the next 48 hours then do as Melly4012 suggests & try it out. It is frustrating to have to rest up being so close to graduation but it's better to rest for a few days than ending up out of action for a few months. It might be worth having an appointment with a sports therapist/masseur or osteopath if it continues.

  • I agree with melly4012 .. rest.

    We ignore real pain at our peril. and I think we know when it is more than a twinge!

    Better to rest and get the foot as it should be than spend time on the could just be one of those injuries that isn't really an injury... I think it is called Extensor tendonitis..??? But that is to do with laces too tight maybe, or ill fitting shoes, and you seem happy with your shoes so..Ice and elevation maybe won't harm i am sure... :)

    Oooohh..just found this link...

    Hope it feels easier soon anyway :)

  • I got a similar pain once, I think it must have been a trapped nerve. I just woke up one morning a few days later and it was fine. Saying that, it could be many things so it might not be the same. I agree with everyone else, rest it for a while and see how you get on. Your graduation run isn't going anywhere, it will be waiting for you when you're better :)

  • Thanks everyone for your advice - looks like I shall have to be sensible and rest it!

  • Well done! But that's so frustrating with graduation in sight, but rest up and hopefully the foot pain will fade away. Rest as long as it takes..

    While your resting gently stretch the feet and calves. I'm always splaying and moving my toes around while I'm sitting, and recently started walking around the house on tip toe for 100 steps each day, which helps warm up the calves and it's also helping my ball of foot problem which is possibly metatarsalgia and have felt no discomfort since doing the excercise..ūüėä

  • Hi. Did you tie your laces up too tightly? You might have inflammation of the tendons in the foot...than run down to the toes. It isn't serious but rest is always the best course of action, thinking long-term.

  • Turns out it was something to do with the cuboid bone (I'd never even heard of this bone before). Rested for about 4 weeks while doing some exercises to strengthen my hips and core which should apparently take the pressure off my low-arch feet. I started building up the running again very slowly and graduated this week, at last!

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