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Ct5k week 9 run 1 done

Despite still aching and stiff from head to foot from airsofting on Sunday and the first night shift of the week last night with not enough sleep. I have to be self motivated and get runs done. So with stiff legs got out there and got the run done after getting out from under the duvet. Sunny so even harder and a for the last few minutes a case of mind over matter got it done. 2 more runs to graduation (again), will need to stay motivated and maintain 3 runs a week after graduation not back slide like last time.

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Well done for getting out there again. It's tough when life gets in the way - and as for that hot sun stuff! At least it is nearly winter...

Good luck with getting out there for the rest of your second graduation, and keeping going afterwards. You can do it - I look forward to hearing that you have.


No don't back slide! That would be terrible! You can stick with this and move your running on. It takes commitment but there's no such thing as a free lunch.

We're all here plugging away. If you need a motivational boost come on here and folks will get right behind you


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