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C25K week 3

Hi I started the c25k a few months ago on my treadmill but never finished with one thing or another. Ive just started again but this time running outside, I also joined a running club :)

My question is this why am i finding it so much harder outside ? and also the side of my knee's to the back are really sore, am I doing something wrong that im not aware of.

I would welcome any advice.

Thanks :)

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Well done to you for starting and for joining a running club! Hopefully you'll get advice from the folks there as you go along.

I made the transition from treadmill to outside but I had been warned that it would be harder and so I was prepared. The secret is to run very slowly. It's much harder to pace yourself outside and so we tend to run faster, and then there's the uneven surfaces and little bumps and uphill gradients. On a treadmill the surface is smooth and the pace is the same unless you change it. Good for you for going outside. It's much nicer especially at this time of the year so stick at it and remember take it very slowly.

The soreness in your knees could be your knees getting used to running on the harder surfaces so make sure you stretch, ice them after your runs and invest in a foam roller to iron out any tight muscles. It really makes a big difference to how you feel.

Keep posting and enjoy this fantastic programme.


Hi Thank you for the advice, I have been putting deep heat on :( oh no wrong way round, I will get the ice pack out, and your right it is better outside just hope my knees let me carry on. :)

Thank you :)



I am new to all this and so am not so sure I have either knowledge or experience to help, but here goes!

My first w3 run today - I did both w1 and 2 twice through, so this is my 5th week as a runner. The insides of my knees were really very painful to start with. I looked up knee exercises on the nhs site but started these and the rest if my body started complaining too.

So I asked for help on here and people said slow it down. I hadn't thought I was going anywhere near fast but went even slower and tried to concentrate on not landing in my toes specially when going downhill. I've continues the knee exercises but am building these up slowly too now, rather than my previous bull at a gate approach. I left 3 days between a run, then two for a week too to let things recover and used frozen peas :b

I had seriously been at the stage of 'I can't do this, it's too painful', but my knees are so much better. People have suggested gait analysis too which I intend to get soon as I can to check my shoes.

I hope this is if some help. You are doing great. Stick with it!! The running group should help, I run once a week with my daughter and do better and enjoy those runs so much more.

Good luck and take care



Thank you T0rtoise I will try this on Tuesday, I really hope I'll be able to run 😊


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