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W9 Run 1 and a bit

I had to give up my run 1 on Tuesday after 1 km because of pain in my right knee. Following advice on this forum, I waited two days and gingerly set out today, making sure my warm-up walk was brisk and not the ambling that I normally practise. The knee appeared to be fine when I started running, which is a good test since I am a heavy plodder. I managed the 30 minutes and then decided to carry on, Runkeeper giving me data that was encouraging as 5k approached. Completed it in just over 44 minutes, about right for my capability. So I will view this week's Parkrun closely, to see if I dare give it a try next week. An impossible dream a few months ago.

On another topic, close to all C25k students: has Laura gone back to anonymity since recording her commentaries? In any other field, she would have become a publicly known celebrity.

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Brilliant!!! Only two more runs to go now to graduate. You know you can do them because you've already run for well over 30 minutes. You are also ready for park run. How about getting out there on Saturday and making that your week 9 run no 2? At 44 minutes you won't be first, but if my local run is anything to go by, you won't be last either (and it doesn't matter if you are last - it's all about the fun of taking part).

Laura is still around. She has been seen contributing on this forum in the past. I've yet to meet her at parkrun or similar, but I suspect some of us may have and not realised.


I'm too much of a wimp to do the run straightaway. I need to scout it out as a prospective. I've ferried sons and a granddaughter to it a number of times but been an idle observer, never dreaming it was possible, even to keep up with the mums with the pushchairs. C25K has made it a possibility, thanks in no small part to Laura.


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