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Are you losing weight?

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I mainly took up the Couch to 5k to make me feel fitter and less tired. But I would like to lose weight too. I am on week 6 now and haven't lost anything. I know it should be incorporated with a healthy diet but I am not a bad eater to be honest. I love my fruit, veggies and yoghurt to snack on! I have cut out many fatty things like chocolate and cakes etc since starting the running plan. Has anyone else lost weight or found they haven't?

25 Replies
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Hi, I started C25K to lose weight and I'm starting week 7 this week. I am following WW too. I have lost about 8lbs but I think that's due to the diet and not the running :-( I was hoping the lbs would drop off! Hoping that now I'm running for longer the weight loss will increase. I do think I'm more toned which is a plus I guess!

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I haven't lost much weight but do feel that my body is more toned now. Unless you are running a lot of miles then you have to watch the calories for any real weight loss.

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The weight loss thing is very curious. Like you expect great things from exercise and healthy eating. I have been very frustrated by lack of weight loss. My conclusion is that exercise helps to maintain weight loss, but not contribute much to the weight loss journey . I guess not a surprise when you consider a run only counts for 300 calories approx. so my mantra is exercise is good for me- health and mental well-being. Dieting is a slog- but got to be done to lose weight-I try to stick to 1400 calories a day- and weight v slow to come off- but going in the right direction!

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I'm no expert, but talking to a friend recently he pointed out (and he is Buff so I trust his judgement!) that getting toned turns fat to muscle, and muscle weighs more than although I was losing weight he has warned me that it can actually have a reverse effect in some cases for this reason....if that makes sense (not that I worded it well as I'm on my iPad and can't be a**ed with deleting bits etc!)

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Hi Rebecca don't know how much weight you have to lose but I would suggest you take out your tape measure and measure your vitals. The running will help you tone up but will also build up your muscles, especially in your legs so although you may think you haven't lost weight it could be you have but also gained toned muscle. Keep up the good work and it will pay off in the long run. (no pun intended) :)

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Hi, I am doing Weight watchers alongside C25K; I am now losing 1-2 lbs a week but I know the running had made me lose cm's around my waist,hips and legs. I have lost 23 lbs so far but still have several stones to go (17 stone now). I know I am fitter and healthier and am getting physical and mental benefits from doing my running. :-)

On WW boards they say weight loss is 80% diet 20% exercise - it'll be no good doing a run then rewarding yourself with a chocolate bar of equivalent calories! When I started C25K I had a plateau and didn't lose much for several weeks, but I wasn't drinking enough water or eating enough ( not using my weekly points) now I try and make sure I drink more water and have been eating a little bit more and my weight loss has been slow and steady, and them cm's are still disappearing!

Good luck in your running and weight loss journey! :-)

in reply to Poppy2010

I'm doing the exact same thing! I love WW! :) It's definitely 80% food, 20% exercise!

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lycranotlikelyGraduate in reply to Poppy2010

Wow I so admire you for graduating! I was 14.5 stones 9 months ago but was sure I had too much weight to start running. So I went on the 5:2 diet and did a DVD called the 2 mile walk till this week when I thought I weighed low enough to be able to run...I guess I'm lazy in comparison with you. Did you have to repeat weeks when you did c25k? I can't imagine I'll do it straight through. I'm 66.

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Have a read of this, it makes a lot of sense....

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I think I can relate to your frustration in not losing the weight you expected through doing this program. But I would echo jurists-take a look at that blog. Makes a lot of sense.

you say you started this to be fitter and less tired- if you're managing that, brilliant! Try relax on the weight front issue and I'll all fall in to place before you know it.

Keep running and let us all know how you're getting on.

Don't be despondent :-)


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Jurists??? Meant khrissy !


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Hi. Re the argument that you're replacing fat with muscle, muscle is more dense than fat, therefore your lack of weight loss is explained.

From my reading over the last year, I'm sorry to say that this has no scientific basis. I've made a few responses to similar posts, but maybe it's best summarised in a study by Choffletti.

Subjects on the Weight Watchers diet program were studied to determine whether or not differences existed in weight, fat mass and circumference measurements both before and after a 10-week diet. Half used a diet only regime, and the other half used diet and exercise. The results showed that, following the 10-week dietary intervention, weight decreased in both the exercise and non-exercise group and was the same for both exercise and non-exercise subjects. Fat mass and circumference measurements were not significantly influenced by the 10-week program in both groups.

This is only one study, but others suggest a similar pattern. Essentially, the amount of exercise we need to do to lose weight is a lot more than we expect. And for us to build muscle to an extent that it exceeds the fat reduction, we would need to be running for several hours each day.

HOWEVER, the suggestion that you'll be trimmer is bang on the money. Although the weight of fat v muscle can leave your overall weight largely unaffected, the VOLUME in a kilo of muscle is much less than the volume of a kilo of fat. So this explains why, despite weighing the same, your waistline will shrink. Why your waistline? Because the visceral fat (the bad stuff around your organs) is the first to be burned off.

Hope this helps, and good luck with both your running & weight loss. I've dropped well over 30kg in the last year & you can too!

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AuntieAliGraduate in reply to Malcy

i had to read your comment several times... my head hurts!! however, makes a lot of sense, so, thank you Malcy.

ali :-)

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I graduated C25K this time last year and have kept up the running since. My weight was really stable ... didn't lose much or put anything on but like others have said definitely trimmer. Since Jan though I've monitored my calories (via MyFitnessPal) and monitored activitiy via my FitBit pedometer and it was really helpful. Fitbit gave me the calorie target and I felt I got the credit for the extra running/walking. This meant my calorie target for losing weight was pretty easy to stick to and the discipline of monitoring calories in and out was what I really needed. With MyFitnessPal and FitBit together (and keeping up the running) I've lost 18lbs and not found it difficult to keep to at all. The other bonus is my 5k time came down 3 mins from 29:56 to 26:45!

Really pleased :-)

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I have lost 14 lbs since January with weight watchers online. I really spent 3 weeks immersing myself in the online resources and reading the excellent forums- y aim is not to yo yo. My main focus is what I eat and drink as intake is the main issue but have started exercise to boost my well being and make sure my metabolic rate is not in the doldrums if my body thinks it is being "starved". I don't expect exercise to make weight loss happen but am definitely finding many benefits such as measurements changing and feeling great and self esteem up. All these help reduce comfort eating for me. Generally getting more active like parking car further from shops and enjoying C25K which as an absolute non runner I am amazed at, Sadly ankle problem this week (should be week 5) but am continuing brisk walking until it has healed and a different person compared to just 12 weeks ago. Good luck Run2go

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Don't forget the hidden benefits of exercise as well, lower blood pressure and blood glucose and lipid levels which will help to prevent heart disease and diabetes.

Not so sure about the visceral fat being the first to burn off Malcy - I've lost 18lbs since New Year but my boobs disappeared at about week 5 :x!!!!

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MalcyGraduate in reply to Khrissy

Ha Ha - bet your hubby is pleased about that. 18lb in 10/11 weeks is good going - keep up the good work and the rest will go too.

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I lost weight before starting C25K. I did Weight Watchers last year and lost 2 and a half stone in about 5 months, and have maintained it since. I haven't lost any more weight since starting C25K (and I don't really need to) but I have noticed that I have been able to eat a bit more without putting any weight on. Plus my legs are definitely a bit more toned than they were before. Good luck!

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Ive lost a stone in the time its taken me to complete the c25k. I have been dieting too though and have been really strict with myself. Im sure the running has helped shift the weight and I certainly feel a lot fitter than I did before I started. Jut got a bit more weight to go but since the start of my diet last august ive lost 3stone 10 so am very happy!

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I haven't noticed massive weight losses, but then I do like my food too. I wouldn't say that I eat unhealthily but if I want a treat, I will have it (within reason/moderation).

Luckily, I enjoy exercise (running and a wide range of sports), I don't mind 'earning' these treats.

The people above mentioned toning/inch loss etc have a valid point, as whilst I definitely still have a belly, a pair of cycling shorts bought 6 months ago and never worn now flap around my thighs like a pair of boardshorts. So yes, measure yourself and I'm fairly sure you'll notice a difference.

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Hi, yes, i have lost 20 pounds since the beginning of December. Now admittedly I dont eat a great deal and I think my body had got used to just 1400 calories a day and lost its mojo somewhere but now with the regular exercise my metabolism has been given a jolt and I am now losing a steady 1-2 pounds a week. I have also dropped 2 dress sizes. I did see more result in body shape first, very much so on the waist and hips. Now its coming off thighs and face. But I didnt take measurements so cant say exactly how much I've altered but reckon it must 4-5 cms off waist, tummy and hips.

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I went from 18 7 to 16 7 from start of October to just before Christmas. I started the C25K in November and got to week 6 at Xmas......................then made the mistake of running on a really cold windy morning which knocked me totallly off course.

Just restarted C25K from the beginning and now at week 4 and I've found it easier this time round so far, so hopefully will be able to get right to the end this time!

I really, really, really want to be able to be able to run properly and help me get down to the weight I should be ie 12 1/2 stone. Long way to go but any encouragement would be much appreciated.

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I use my fitness pal too. I was suprised how much sugar and calories were in fruit. Some studies suggest we should eat more veggies and less fruit. (which is fine if you remember chocolate and crisps don't count!) I guess even bears can get fat on berries!

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Rebecca you're probably gaining muscle and that's why you're not seeing that you've lost fat. Fat replaced by muscle weighs the same if not more. If you're not overweight, losing weight is difficult. You'll probably notice weight loss soon enough though. If you want to really make sure you're at your ideal weight, the <a href=" carb diet plan by Dukan Diet</a> is pretty good. It works in 4 phases that are described here It's a high protein plan but you probably want to start after the 5K since the first phase can be difficult but it's all downhill from there.

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Have you tried taking weekly photos instead? If you’re exercising then you may be building muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. If you take weekly body pics you will see the difference week on week. I hope this helps

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