I've got a hernia

After a miserable August due to throat infections when I only ran twice and losing my mojo in early September, running twice again. I've now got a bad back and a hernia.

I don't know the type as was at the hospital for about 30 minutes on Friday night. Will need to be referred back by my GP. Any ideas on how long it will take to be able to run again? I'm feeling sad.


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8 Replies

  • Probably while you wait to hear, what you want to do is keep at some other exercise that would support running once you start again. It is sad when you find that you can't run, but you might as well now hope it's all temporary, so don't go giving up. Remember that you're not very far from longer runs, even if you end up having to start from square one again at some time. And it's a process. Whatever happens, just make up your mind to go through the process, and enjoy the challenges of the stage you're on right now, instead of being entirely focused on finishing. Hopefully it all ends well for you. Live in a kind of active hope, not just in telling yourself encouraging things. Start to prepare for your return. Do what you can to help recover from your problems, too. Attack them gently.

  • Thank you so much. I'm going to try and keep to walking 10,000 steps a day and ask the Dr if I can do gentle swimming. I've got an appointment on Wednesday morning anyway for my mental health. Will see if I need another one or not.

  • Sorry that you are sad but you do sound as if you are in the wars and you may have to give in gracefully and give yourself a bit of a rest.

    A few years ago a hernia just appeared when I alighted from the car. In excruciating pain I was admitted to hospital as an emergency case. As it was open surgery - 6 weeks recovery recommended. In reality, fit in 4 weeks for light housework and driving, 3 months for full on yoga. I never ever think about it now and as the doctor assured me - I am better than new!

    This jolly little tale is at the more miserable end of the hernia spectrum but I do suggest you read this nhs.uk/Conditions/hernia/Pa... if only to frame questions in preparation for your next visit. Like you, I would be concerned about the extent an untreated hernia may impact on my (busy, active) life. I have the added bonus of probably being a bit older as well!

    What about the back? Is the hernia discomfort a contributory factor?

    Although not able to comfortably run, is a short walk an option just to be out and about? Surgery or not, I would have found it in me to walk - my favourite pastime. All the best and this was supposed to be encouragement and commiserations - not a horror story.

  • The weird thing is I have no pain from the hernia. I had one as a new born so already have a lovely scar! The GP thought I had another abscess. (Had 4 hospital stays in 2013 with them). The hospital Dr diagnosed it.

    I've been keeping up with my walking. Thanks so much.

  • very much depends on whether you need an operation, what type of hernia etc. I know someone who ran a marathon within 3 weeks of having a hernia op. I would have thought 5-6 weeks would be more usual.

    This is something you need to discuss with your doctor rather than online advice though.

  • Thanks. I was just curious. I had an operation in December 2013 and it took 9 months to fully recover! That's why I asked. I'm seeing a GP on Wednesday anyway so I will get the hospital referral done.

  • Oh Daisy, you sound like you've been through it. I know a dance teacher back to dancing 3 weeks after her hernia op. Your GP will be able to advise better based on your individual cirsumstances. Take care. X

  • Thank you. I started C25K in September 2014 and didn't graduate until May 2015 as I'm always getting ill. I have Borderline Personality Disorder, anxiety & depression with a weak immune system.

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