I've done 5k!

Hi all, I'm sorry I'm not a very active member of this forum, but it seemed that it would be remiss of me not to let you know that I have finally achieved a 5k run - even if it nearly killed me! my first attempt was 35mins14secs.

I had talked my hubby into running too and now he's overtaken me with the time he's been able to put in (and not having stupid things like periods to put him off track!). He's done his first park run and I'm hoping to in the next couple of weeks. (The park run will be harder than what I did, as there is quite a large incline that you have to cover twice!)

I just wanted to say thank you to those people that have offered advice and support to me, and I'll continue to poke my head in every now and again, as I am sure there is more running to come!


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14 Replies

  • Well done, brilliant!

    I'll keep an eye out for you from now on :-)

    My 'local' Parkrun also has a hill warning so I haven't done one yet. I'm thinking I'll get a few more confident 5k's under my belt..but I definitely fancy giving one a go!

    Good luck with yours, tell us how you get on :-) :-)

  • Well done. I am starting week 6 tomorrow so still a little way to go but can't wait for that week 9 complete feeling!!

  • Hi, well done for your 5k, that's a great time! I love parkrun so I hope you get to do one soon, I really recommend them. Mine has a two lap course with an incline but its lovely on the home straight, a long downhill, makes it all worthwhile! Yes, keep posting, we love to know how things are going x :-)

  • Congratulations on the 5k! And great work on getting your partner to join.

  • Well done on reaching 5k and good luck on your park run :)

  • Congratulations on reaching 5k, it really is a great feeling and a good time also......well done. Keep on running and posting.

  • Congratulations on your Graduation :D

    I am at W4R3 tomorrow so only half way through but hey, running for 5 minutes now, which is something I didn't think possible almost 5 weeks ago :)

    I can't wait to join you :)

  • Well done on the 5k run! Have a look at the parkrun website, check out some of the other parkrun (not just your nearest one) as you may find that they are flatter. They all have a description so you can pick and choose which one to go to. Enjoy!

  • Thank you everyone :D I'm still aching today, but think I tried too much too soon: The day before i ran, I did a yoga session then a 4 mile walk just before bedtime, then got up and ran the 5k the next morning: I felt better for the first time in a week and think I did too much at once. Planning a run tomorrow - the muscle ache should be mostly gone by then!

    It is amazing how you can progress: I took my time and probably left too many gaps, kept revisiting podcasts etc, then for the last two, just ended up running without Laura, as I was just running with my hubby (who is now getting totally obsessed by the running and is keeping charts and graphs etc - it's quite frightening!)....

  • Well done, I'm jealous! Keep on with this new found love of running!

    I'm just in Week 8 with Run 2 tomorrow. And totally hooked now that it seems I can breathe and run - nothing like my 1st attempt in Week 1!

    Take care.

  • Hmmm. I'm back after 3 years... I'm pretty disappointed in myself because after this post, I just stopped running. Stopped dead. I think I felt pretty rough after that last run, and for some reason couldn't find the wherewithall to pick it back up. So here I am, 3 years later, about to go out for my W1R2 run, as I've restarted. Fitness levels are probably worse than before as I'm a few years older. First run was pretty hard work, but I did it. After two days, calves and thighs still pretty sore, but am attempting another run (it seems to take a long time for my muscles to recover)....

  • Welcome back and well done for re-starting. There are quite a few of us still here from three years ago 🙂

  • Thank you Irishprincess! I've just come back from my second run. It was tough - leg muscles are really really sore. off to have a bath!!

  • Oh well done! At least your body will remember what to do 🙂

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