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Inguinal Hernia Surgery

I just had dual Inguinal and a single umbilical hernia performed on Friday. I noticed the 2 inguinal hernias after a race in November and knew about the other one but it never really hurt before and decided to get them taken care of all at once. I'm just now able to walk a bit but can't sit for long. I'm either standing or laying. I hope to be able to start running 5ks again in February. Anyone have suggestions as to how much to run and how fast to get back to running again?

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Was it key-hole surgery or did they open you up? I'm a theatre nurse, quite often they repair the weakness in your abdominal wall with a kind of synthetic mesh, I really wouldn't get back on it too soon or your body won't have healed up sufficiently and the hernias could recur. Which means another and more complicated op. Best thing to do is to call the surgeon who did your op. Quite often their email addresses are on the hospital website, you could try that, or call the hospital switchboard and ask for their secretary. Good luck!


The inguinal hernias were opened up with about a 4" incision. My doc said that he used the mesh to hold the hernias to a bone in the pelvic area. The umbilical hernia was just a key-hole surgery.


I had to have a little thing last year and I would suggest it is always worth having the conversation with a gp. They are really supportive of getting back to exercise. My consultant told me to rest (for me it was a week, but different surgeries have different time). Then walk. If there was any pulling, rest some more. Then after I had had a week of walking with no pulling I could try a gentle run and build up slowly, listening to my body all the time. Speedy recovery.


OK, anyone of a sensitive disposition, turn away.

I had testicular cancer some years ago, and I had to have my testicle pushed up from where it lives and out of an opening in my inguinal canal in my abdomen. The operation was a text-book success and I am still here. Admittedly the opening I had may be difference to yours ~ my opening was about 4" long, but it is in the same area.

The operation site was very sore for a good 10 or so days, and I found that anything more than walking was out of the question for a good 14 days. I slowly built up to more energetic exercise and it took a good two months before I was confident enough to use my abdominal muscles properly. Even then, I still got twinges if I was over energetic.

My best advice would be to take it s l o w l y. There really are no prizes for rushing your bodies healing, but there are so many possible problems if you do.

Overall, listen to your body, and if it hurts, just accept that pain IS there for a reason, so stop, take a step back and see how that goes.

My appendix was whipped-out a few years ago too, and that was a walk-in-the-park in comparison.

Good luck, take it easy.


Sensitive disposition or not, it's always good for you chaps to mention 'boys' cancers as they can often be sorted out if you go to your GP. Good on you, Sallycycle!



Thanks. Many of us chaps are a bit shy when it comes to 'downstairs'' I learned that I should after me old dad died of testicular cancer at 65, 3 1/2 months after retiring. He ignored his/didn't check and the consequences were unpleasant.

I would urge all chaps the check and if they find anything, anything at all, get it checked out ASAP. The doc WILL have seen it all before/that day.


I had a single hernia op last year, I saw online all sorts of experiences, some people who were back at their desks the following week! I don't tend to complain or exaggerate and I did follow advice ensuring I did a bit more each day. I was pretty much in agony for a month, it was nearer two when I was confident to drive. When I returned to work I was still not able to sit down for any length of time - even to eat lunch. I returned to swimming before running. Still get grumblings when I run further, harder than before. It has been quite cold and damp here this winter and my scar site is like a barometer.

Listen to your body take it easy! Some of it of course depends on your age and level of fitness before hand.

Good luck!


Thanks for the reply. I'm back at work after a week of recovery. I can drive without much pain. I am hoping to get back to running soon but it is not looking too promising yet.


So, I've stayed away from both the gym and running for 6 weeks after my surgery. Healing seems to be going slow. I've read that some people were back to running after only 3 weeks. I ran 1 mile last week which seemed to be o.k. but after running 1.5 miles on Tuesday, I was extremely sore. I backed it down to 1.125 miles today which seems to be o.k. so far.


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